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Found oozinggoo.com when I was looking for ways to repair the Grande I picked up at CostCo a few years ago.  It's one of the Chinese made ones that has gone extremely cloudy and ceased to flow (going to try replacing the fluid one of these weekends). 

It was here that I found out about really big Lava lamps.  I was bowled over by videos of the  Colossus lamps and really want to see if I could get one, I couldn't find them available anywhere so I wrote LavaLite.  I wanted to let this group know what I got this from Lava Lite today:

We have a special promo on the Colossus for serious buyers.   This will be the last time the Colossus will be seen.

Please see attached promo sheet with pricing included.

If you are interested please contact on my direct line at 630-496-6663.


Best regards,


Susan Michaels

Customer Service Representative


630-496-6663 direct line



Sadly these prices are outside of my discretionary funds, even though they include shipping.  I post it in hopes that someone here may be interested.


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I don't think they were supposed to be USA made.  Old stock of Colossus that has been checked for quality but still china made.

They told me in email they were usa made...

Sorry guys, they are totally made in China.

so they are lying to us? kinda like how susan is out of the office until wednesday and was supposed to send out emails with tracking today?

Guys - I wouldn't be too concerned about it being Chinese or US.  There is a lesser lava site out there that has shots of a Colossus with mind blowing flow.  The lamp longs to former Oozing Goo member Bohdan.  I hesitate to provide a link as the site makes my skin crawl.

Autumn said:

Sorry guys, they are totally made in China.

Good News!  I came home for lunch to find the Colossus FLOWING!!

I turned the dimmer down a little (guessing from 70-60%), because I like more of these:

Wish I could stay and play, but my day job is calling.

Beautiful! <3

Mine was delivered today and virgin run is scheduled for Saturday.  Must wait as I need to allow myself to stare it for about 10 hours as it comes to live.  The globe is crystal clear.

My favorite size comparison.  Colossus globe next to a can of Throwback Pepsi.

I have not yet recieved mine it was shipped on thursday sat on the trailer all weekend in subteen temps. The sad thing is it was in richfield ohio at 2am fri which is only 35 miles from my house it is now in grove city pa which is 50+ miles from my house. I fear the worst is going to happen that it is a frozen colossus now a big globe of ice. I do not know why LL would use this shipper (coustom companies) when I have a fedex freight 5 miles from my house. What does a lava lamp look like after it has froze I was told they are junk once they freeze I am hoping that the globe cracked from being frozen so i can refuse shippment. 

When I spoke with Susan I had flat out asked her if this as PRE china, and she said Yes these were NOT made in china they were made before they switched to china. I really hope they are now, and what makes you guys think they are? When I call her to pay this week I will ask again.

Autumn said:

Sorry guys, they are totally made in China.

nice jim!  love the throwback pepsi as well.

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