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Not sure if this is kosher, but here goes:

Hello, I've inherited a colossus lava lamp I don't have time or room for. The fade switch on this particular one had fried out and was replaced with an on/off switch instead. If there is anyone in the central Georgia area that would like to check it out:


I would prefer this go to an owner who can fully appreciate a 4' tall lava lamp. My friend pictured with this monster of a lava lamp is 5'3". :)

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Nothing wrong at all.  I'm sure you will have no trouble selling it here.

I'd hope so! Everyone here seems to very much enjoy lava lamps.

I'll be moving soon, and can't take this jewel with me unfortunately. I'm also open to shipping in the US if someone wants to pay for it, this thing I swear weighs 100 pounds, though. D:

I appriciate the reply!

If I wasn't a thousand miles away I might beg, borrow, and steal enough to buy it, lol

Rebecca, check PM

What zip code does the lamp currently reside in?

It sold low in price too. They typically bring as much as twice that amount.

Well,let see what the shipping costs are before that determination is made !

There are some issues with the aluminum parts (dents) that will costs $$ to repair

if i have a relief driver

whatcha doing next weekend?

damn,I will work it out

in my youth i wouldn't think twice about jumping in the car and making a trip non-stop but the stamina level isn't where it used to be

Rebecca is checking on shipping charges today

probably be sent in two different carton for safety

when it arrives,I will have to send it to my metal guy and have him work out the dents in the cap and the small one in the base.==More shipping charges,.

How far are you from the lamp?

Im in western IL and the lamp is just south of Atlanta GA

My zip is 61051 and the Colossus is 31088

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