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Not sure if this is kosher, but here goes:

Hello, I've inherited a colossus lava lamp I don't have time or room for. The fade switch on this particular one had fried out and was replaced with an on/off switch instead. If there is anyone in the central Georgia area that would like to check it out:


I would prefer this go to an owner who can fully appreciate a 4' tall lava lamp. My friend pictured with this monster of a lava lamp is 5'3". :)

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I'm jealous of that midnight collection of yours!

Need to see that to me someday

Joey "Dirtypawz" Huck said:

So jelous !!

Claude's Colossus will be shipping out tomorrow. Wish him luck! I hear these things can be tricky to ship.

Thank you Rebeca'

Uship will be calling one of your numbers to arrange a time

I'll be in contact with the courier as well

Can't wait to see pics of the "beast", lol!!!  Nice lamp!!  Congrats Claude!!  It's super clear too!!  Sending good shipping karma it's way!!!

thank you

if anyone has the dimensions of the original table,please send them my way

You are going to love the Colossus, Claude.  The flow is amazing in the king of all lava lamps!

Lava Lite originally shipped these monsters on a palette using LOTS of shrink wrap to secure them to the palette.  I bought three of them, and they all arrived by freight in great shape.  I'm sure yours will, too.


Thanks everyone

Colossus is picked up by Uship and on it's way~!

I've chatted with Claude about this already, but if anyone else needs the answer the original tables were 26 inches in diameter.

Claude J said:

thank you

if anyone has the dimensions of the original table,please send them my way

Just got off the phone with Susan at Lava Lite.

She indicated she still has NOS table rings for the colossus.

Colossus = 48 inches and table is 26 inches

By that ratio, a Grande, at 27 inches, would take a table at 14.625 inches.  Hmmmm

don't worry,..it will get measured when it arrives this weekend

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