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I just wanted to let you know that there appears to be a Colossus lamp or two for sale in FLORIDA.  I was just checking out LAVA LAMPS and came across a listing that was posted three weeks ago and it appears there are two for sale judging by the photos.  If anyone does OFFERUP formerly LETGO and lives in or around FLORIDA it may be worth checking out.  Sellers asking 50.00 plus shipping and know they have the cost of shipping way off  since it would cost way more to ship.  Check it out. I'm not sure it's even still available.  I did not send message to ask seller.  Who knows some OG member may have already purchased.  

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Darn, i think they are already gone, i wish OfferUp had an option to look at sold items, like on Ebay or Mercari. But definitely gg to the person who scored em', what a find. 

Noooo way. 

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