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I was contacted by a great friend today, who shared the distressing news that some "scumbag yuppies" had bought his building and he was being kicked out of his longtime apartment (Chicago).  As a result, he will need to unload a significant number of lamps, parts, etc.  Exact amount of goodies TBD, but should have a better idea this weekend.

I have volunteered my basement as a storage option, so I sense the majority of the goods will be in possession.  I told him that me and my Tacoma are at his disposal all weekend.

This thread is meant as a placeholder and head's up.  Start licking your chops and fine tuning your wishlists.

To keep things real... I am not a thrift shop.  Don't expect $5 Centuries and $20 Giants.  My friend (and fellow Oozing Gooer) is a connoisseur of fine motion lamps and I will be looking out for him.  Those who have transacted with me should know how I operate though.  Admittedly a little slow to get items shipped, but fully transparent in conducting transactions and borderline psycho in terms of packaging lamps.

I will not alloow him to sell everything as he has a collection that I bow down to.  To wet your appetite, he does have a handful of Colossi (yes, as in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).  Numerous Goo Kit customs, double-digit Grandes/Giants, etc.

The official sales thread is actually a sales album, and can be located here:  Black German Shepherd Sale

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Ah, I see it now. That was the one I originally wanted, I think. It's made by CRASHSUNDAYGUY, but I ended up with the other one, which is also very cool. :)

man, that sucks.  i can't stand it when good people are wronged.

hopefully his new place will be just as cool.

Jim said:

Patrick is wearing his emotions on his sleeve and is not a happy camper.  I think part of his uneasy feeling is fear of the unknown.  Sounds like he had been there so long and had such a loosey goosey relationship with his landlord that he pretty much had no lease.  Squatter's rights came to mind, but the moral ambiguity is something I refuse to tread into.  He could probably screw all parties over if he lived in California and had their asinine tenant rights, but Patrick is a decent person and wouldn't play those games.  Walking into Patrick's place is like being transported back to the house I rented in Champaign when I was going to U of I.  No Ikea, no Pier One.... tapestries, movie posters and lava lamps.

Erin said:

I would like to tentatively throw my hat in the ring for a Grande. I'll PM ya' Jim.

Sorry to hear about your friend - that's devastating news indeed. :( I hope he's doing ok. 

So... Glitter grande and a blue red?


Blind said:

So... Glitter grande and a blue red?

I think both of those coffee lamps are way cool Erin.......I haven't seen Patrick's base with the globe, but I like the way your is shaped!!!!!

Ya know Jim, I worked in law for a good 15 years as a legal secretary before I retired to get married and make babies, lol, and renter's do have rights as you said, but again, you have to be ready to fight the good fight and a lot of us just don't wanna go there.  I know I used to be the first one up for a challenge, but now that i'm getting older, it's like OMG, how can I avoid one!!  Funny how things change when you get older.  I know when I rented it was hard.  Always moving from place to place, but when you have a long time and roots planted somewhere it is a shock to the system, that's for sure.  At least he has a wonderful friend in you that is helping him through this trying time in his life and good karma will certainly prevail on you for that.  He will get his life back together.  I always say when life is good it's REALLY GOOD, but when it's BAD it's REALLY BAD!!!  It never can stay just ok for awhile. 

Update - I have a breakfast date with Patrick tomorrow at 10:00am CST (Chicago Standard Time... yo).  More lamps will be dragged back to Grayslake.  What will this next batch contain?  Your guess is as good as mine.  I will document and post what I retrieved as quickly as possible.

Erin and others who purchase a lamp - this is a multi-tasking nightmare.  Rescuing these lamps is the priority as Patrick still doesn't know when he will be forced to vacate and how long he will be given to pack up and vamoose.  We want to stay ahead of the game so we are moving the lamps from his pad to my pad sooner than later.

Erin - I do hope to get yours packed up and ready to go during a lull in action this weekend.  I will PM you Paypal details once the package is ready to go, and not sooner.

Moving forward I should be able to keep my head above water on packages to ship.  I am taking a course for work, but I am close to completion and may be able to test next weekend. 

Awesome! I'm in no rush Jim, but as soon as you sent details, I'll pay. Hope all is going well for Patrick and I'm glad he has a friend like you to help him out. :)

This Saturday, Patrick learned that he has till the end of September to get his stuff out.  The boy has accumulated a crap load of stuff while living in this apartment for 17 years.  It does appear he will be selling a sizable number of Grandes, but exact numbers and color combos are not known yet.  He also hinted that he may end up moving a Colossus (or several), so understand what you will be up against if you decide to take the plunge.  I suppose I could move the Colossus to my house if you can't make it to the city of Chicago by end of September.  This is all a little premature though as we don't know for sure if he will sell any.

The Grandes I got Saturday are a clear/red as well as a limited edition Bob Marley Grande - both in box.  I hope to post pics this evening. 

jim i know i may be early or late but would like to throw my hat in on consideration for the clear red grande if it flows well

Just got off the phone with Patrick and it appears a number of additional Grandes are making their journey north this evening.  Patrick has errands in my neck of the woods, so he will be gathering up some lamps and bringing them along.  Time for Leroy to meet Patrick's German Shepherd Shotzy too. 

awwwe Leroy is going to have a doggie friend

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