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35 years ago, I saw this French movie (Diva?) where there was this 'Zen' gangster who meditated in a room with a GINORMOUS lavalamp fish tank that rested on a slow 'teeter-totter' motor. It kinda looked like one of those japanese posters of moving waves.

I may have remembered it wrong but I want to make this.

So what I want is to take a fish tank... a glass rectangle maybe 36" wide, 18" high, 6" deep.

And then I gotta figure out how to make a slow moving teeter-totter. :D

Anyhoo, my first question is about the recipe: does the ratio of Wax to Water scale up, or is it like baking where one has to alter the recipe when going from a single batch to industrial scale. In one sentence: is there a std formula for calculating the Wax/Water ratio if you plug in a given volume that will work with larger 15-20gl?

My second question is lighting: I assume one needs to put a series of lights along the bottom... and how to predict the spacing (to generate even heat?)  I wonder if anyone else has done this sort of thing.

The closest I have found searching here is this..




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