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Hey Guys, it's been awhile! So, we FINALLY got out of my Mom's place (7 freakin' years! ARRRRGGGGH!) And the rainbow is out of storage, now up & running. Problem is, the Cranberry only runs to hour 2, then sits on her coil, blobbing to 1/3 of it's height. I switched her plastic cap for an aluminum one, even stuffed extra aluminum inside the top for more heating at her top. Same result. I tried a clear 40 watt bulb, no dice. Frosted bulb produces the same thing. Should I try a higher wattage or attempt to glue pennies to her bottlecap to draw her heat up?

She's been this way ever since I bought it 10 years ago, I just want her to flow with the rest of the bunch!

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Actually sounds like over heating.  Purchase a lamp dimmer switch at your local big box hardware store and set it to about 75-80%.  Sometimes I think overheating blobbing and under heating blobbing are very similar.

It's not overheating... 25 watts does a bit of melting, but no blobs. Dimmers are a last resort, since all 9 are plugged into surge protectors for easy switch on. I'm looking for a quick fix on a nearly new globe!


Hi Vixen, glad you're back! 

Personally, I would try a 60 watt bulb as a test to see if it needs more heat.  If that works then you can put a dimmer on it to keep it where it needs to be to run.  I have a silver century blue/white that will only run that way.  I ran it almost daily for over two years that way (no dimmer even) until I changed my setup.  Just keep an eye on it for the first test runs.

When you moved the globe, did you notice any clouding of the liquid? I've noticed that when midnights have cloudy liquid from moving or shipping, they run like that while they cycle, and improve as they clear. I think it has to do with the components of the liquid separating, and affecting neutral buoyancy. Just a thought. My clear/lime arrived cloudy, and ran just like you described for WEEKS until it cleared up, now I'm finding that it runs much better with the newly clear liquid.

Other things that can cause flow issues like you described are a fan/vent blowing directly on the globe, and poor coil adhesion after being moved around.

Loren is right. After recently pulling my Cranberry out of storage I had the same problem. I put it on a hotter running base  for a run or two, then back on its base and poof, problem solved. 

Welcome back! I have returned after a similar very long break. Happy to see another friendly face :)

I've no problem with it being cloudy, it's sooo clear! Sadly, I've tried moving nearer to vents, in hopes that cooling/heating could improve it's flow. No dice. I guess I can try a 60 & dimmer, since I've got no alternative.

Thank you all for the suggestions, it's good to be back in Goo House!

P.S. Hi Keith! :)

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