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I recently have come across a Crestworth 'Living Jewel'. I got it on eBay from one of the noobiest, most incompetent sellers I have ever witnessed.

Sadly the previous owner had removed the black stopper that said DO NOT REMOVE HARMFUL CHEMICALS (and didn't replace it!) then glued the metal top to the glass... The lamp is roughly 2/3 full which is kind of sad. I am a afraid to fiddle with it. I was thinking sell sell sell, but I kind of like it.

I would prefer to unglue the top somehow, refill it and properly seal it. But I am aware that this isn't something that can easily be done, especially if it contains harmful Perchlorethylene/ Trichlorethylene or Trichlorotrifluoroethane...

What do you guys think I should do? Does anyone want to take this one on? Looking to sell lamps to try and help pay for my last college semester anyway..

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Claude I love your pictures omg. One day I hope my collection may compare to your own ;-)


was a lot of work

had of redo a lot of them when they arrived'

I have yet to total the 300+ inventory sheet of lava lamps (I'm afraid to) 

Here is a link of the "best of lava lamps


wanna help me move it to new house?

I got a 14ft  trailer packed but I think i need to buy a 26 ft just for the hobby and collections


Second floor bedroom is overflowed into hallway

I can only imagine what my electric bill will be now that I'll have to pay it soon

(Currently electric is included in lease so hot tub, colossus, mathmos, etc and grandes run 24/7)

Planning on custom guy room with the red/black racing desk chairs i have, and red black sectional racing car couches with walls of shelves and shadow boxes for specialty displays

And about 12 electrical circuits ~!!!

of course the room wil need a giant ass tv, McIntosh amp with Martin Logan speakers (lotta good it will do me now, i can hardly hear in my old age LOL) private garage themed bathroom, lava lab area, and plasma alter honoring Nickoli Testla

KI just acquired a second incredibly rare Phenionium plasma lamp today (32 inch tall) which will flank a infinity mirror with Nicklos's teslas portrait hidden until it lights up) 

Everything is packed in shop except lava stuff

Its a mess

I had to pay my local Midas to instal mud flags on new caravan R/T cause i cant get to compressor or air tools

Here is what my shop used to look like before it was infiltrated with boxes of packed with shit


And here are my garden railroad miniatures I built from scratch


And then there are the SciFi Models I built for the starlight science fiction room/wifes office


And then the cookie Jar collection


And then there is the marvin the martian collection, Godzilla monster collection, and Doctor who collection, }|UGh


Im not a horder, I'm a collector and thats my story and Im sticking to it 

Yes,... the advantages of being self employed and technology that makes it possible to work anywhere and have free time.

See what happens when you dont piss money away on drugs aymore?

Have a word with Kirk either way as he's the expert.

I probably shouldn't be suggesting people engage in weird science with his fluid, as it wasn't originally intended for that purpose, but I've used my left over fluid to save a number of vintage fast glitters, including this really unusual French lamp that I picked up recently which was only two thirds full.


Awesome 'collections' by the way Claude J 

Whoa mark that French lamp is like a work of art!! I don't plan on dumping the jewel contents. And Claude, I would gladly help move if I got compensated hahaha. But I live in South Florida.... I think my favorite piece is your Starship Grande. Omg would kill for it. Don't ever sell that without letting me know ;-) Self employment is awesome! I changed my mind though, if my collection never matches your own I won't be too upset Hahahahaha. I love Tesla

You need a scale model of this for your railroad

Image result for soap lake lava lamp

Claude J said:

And here are my garden railroad miniatures I built from scratch


First, I love the Living Jewels/Telstars/Jets.  The bottles and bases provide ideal, goldilocks heating that produce fantastic long term glitter pop, sparkle, and flow.  They make the best fast glitter lamps.

I use a heat gun to warm glues that secure caps to bottles.  Hair blow dryers work, but not as quickly.

Your liquid is likely a mixture dominated by trichloroethylene.  As Mark said, my formula is compatible with it, but I always like you to mix a small amount (5ml) of the original liquid with my formula to ensure compatibility.  

Worst case, you can replace the original liquid completely (but save it, like Mark said - it's valuable) with my formula for $28, shipping included.  I'll include a new screw cap and plug for the bottle to ensure the new liquid doesn't evaporate.  I can also include new silver square glitter, but the original glitter looks fine in your pictures.

I would keep the original paint on the bottom of the bottle.  But sometimes, it flakes off so easily that it's not possible to save it.  In these cases, I repaint it with Pebeo 160 transparent paint for glass.  

Let me know how I can help.

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