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Just a heads up to collectors, this month marks the 60th anniversary of Crestworth/ Mathmos, and to mark the occasion Mathmos recently announced there would be 5 ‘collaboration’ lamps designed with recognised names in fashion, music, etc. in a limited edition of 600 for each lamp, with the first due to ‘drop’ from mid-day tomorrow and another lamp each week thereafter.

Unfortunately this seems a bit of a ‘fleecing’ at £130 per lamp, also since it doesn’t seem we will get to see the lamps ahead of time and I doubt many have deep enough pockets to buy every lamp it might be difficult to know when to ‘bite’. it would be pretty galling to buy the first lamp, only for a much better one to come along later, by which point you have overspent, or holding out for a better lamp only to be disappointed.

Anyway, link:


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yeah, I felt the same way about the fleecing sadly.  They are also back to the stickers for numbering it seems lol.

130 is definitely steep, they'd better be pretty damn special, and by special I mean something beyond etching or a stamp.

*edit* site is broken lol

Ok, first one is up now and I have to say it doesn't float my boat, which is a bit of a relief if I'm completely honest lol.

"A limited edition Astro lava lamp collaboration with celebrated designer Studio Job led by Job Smeets. A strictly limited run of 600 pieces worldwide, this customised Astro has a gold anodised finish etched with Studio Job's signature "Perished" pattern and the Studio Job brand on the cap. The bottle has a gold coating on the top and bottom, fading out in the middle to reveal the red lava. The lead is made of red fabric with a translucent plug and switch. The unique box features the same patterning and makes a wonderful presentation for this unique, handmade, collectable version of Mathmos' classic 1963 Astro lava lamp.

Studio Job creates wonderful, extravagant, exuberant designs across design, fashion, architecture and interiors. He has many high-profile clients, galleries, and brands, and his work features in most important Museum collections around the world. He is based in the Netherlands and in Belgium. Visit Studio Job here.  "

It's an interesting concept, just not "me"

That one is an easy pass for me. 

Pass for me aswell, really not a fan of the motif, although the bottle itself look like it could be quite nice...

The Sabine Marcelis edition is great, one of the best Astros for years in my opinion. 

There is one of us who very much likes white and has the deco to match and I can't remember who!

I kinda like it, the frosted bottle is awesome, but my house is absolutely not the minimalist/clean/skandi type styling it would look good in, my decor is darker.

Not entirely sure that it's worth the £130 to me given I probably wouldn't use it.... Decisions...

Info below:

"In celebration of Mathmos' 60th anniversary, Sabine Marcelis has introduced her signature minimal and elegant approach to design into Mathmos' classic 1963 Astro lava lamp. She has used white and one soft matt colour to give the product a fresh, contemporary feel. The metal base and cap are painted matt white; the bottle is frosted to soften and blur the yellow lava moving within. Her box is matt white, and a white fabric cable completes the design; this is a calm and beautiful piece to live with or collect. Sabine Marcelis is a designer known for experimenting with materials, light and colour to achieve her distinct aesthetic. She has created a wide range of work, from furniture and lighting ranges for both Ikea and high-end brands and galleries to a recently launched concept car. Visit Studio Sabine Marcelis here. "

As an aside, I think Mathmos kinda messed up a bit releasing 1 per week...  They'd have been much better off releasing one a month, less of a psychological block for those who can afford it and less of a monetary block who don't have that much money to throw around (especially given the state of the country atm).  Very few are going to blow 700+ quid over 1.5 months on lava lamps and it feels kinda crappy doing so.

I'll probably hold off on all of them for a while to see which ones I prefer and which to prioritise.

 Almost everything in my place is either black, white or grey so it fits me perfectly. I really like the clean look. The first release I can’t get my head around. 

I agree a monthly release would have been better for the reasons you mention. I'm trying to be selective as it’s a weekly release. 

I have a feeling the white one will sell out pretty fast, there is still over 100 left of the first one and that doesn’t surprise me personally. 

I'm actually seriously tempted by this one the more I think about it.  I've been concerned about the bottle (specifically it being damaged and irreplaceable), but when I think about it in the worst case scenario I could *feasibly* just frost etch a standard bottle - although I'd lose the unique colourway obviously.

Do I chance it now and hope there's nothing spectacular that crops up... or hold off and hope for the best...

Ok, I bit the bullet.  I also grabbed a plum/clear, I may do a little experiment on it.  I'm curious...

Interested to see your experiment! I'm guessing you have access to a way to frost etch a bottle, would be cool to see the results.  

I'm surprised mine hasn’t shipped yet, I would have thought they would have the stock ready and on hand, but I'm not in a rush.

Wonder what next weeks will be…

Interesting to see experimenting with effects created by coatings applied to the glass, although to be honest I’m struggling to ‘unsee’ this as a clouded/ worn out bottle.

Not for me, I think, certainly not at the going rate…

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