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ok, so I bought one of these on ebay, not a homemade, it came in an actual bong vodka lava lamp box.  It was cold when it was delivered, so I let it warm up, then turned it on.  The wax melted, and snaked upwards.  YAY!!  soon this turned to dissapointment, and now it's outright frustration, as it will not do anything now!!  The wax just sits in the bottom, does nothing.  the water was pretty cloudy when I got it, but I chalk that up to poor handling....and cold.  that's clearing up nicely now, but the darn thing still won't flow.  the most it has ever done is snake up, then settle down in the bottom, doing NOTHING!  I like this lamp, I've wanted one for awhile, but darn it, I'm frustrated as hell with it.  It's got TWO coils in it, so maybe that's the problem, or the weird shape of the bottle?  I know someone has to have had this problem, so I came begging for help.  FYI my 52 oz clear/lime I got at spencers does the same thing, but I know that problem is that the lamp is just a piece of junk.....

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so..... i just open it up and switch it with the contents of a good lamp, pretty simple..... what size do i use to swap it with?
so basically most of a 32 oz, or a 20 ozer.....? hmm....which would you recommend? I have both I can use, a 20 oz would work better, I can just go buy one of those.....but that may leave a big gap at the top..... and do I leave both of the coils in it? sorry, I've never done this before, so I need to have my hand held through the process. I could potentially mess up 2 lamps..not that this one is any good.....any suggestions on how to fix the 52oz piece of crap I have? I was told that perhaps putting a different coil in it would work.....
My take on it would be to use 2 new 20 ounce bottles (of the same color). Mark the goo level on the bong lamp, (tape on the outside), empty and clean. Then put the new wax in to your mark and fill the rest of the way with the fluid. You could use the leftovers for a small custom lamp.
awesome! I know there is a website, is it the endoftherainbow.com that sells just the globes. I hate to waste two brand new lamps, : ) You guys are awesome, I love this lamp, but yeah, you know how cruddy the flow is, that is quite dissapointing! Thanks soooooooooo much!
I used a 20z and an 8z to fill a 24z corona bottle. It turned out well because it also fits perfectly in the 20z base.
My only problem with this process is that the new 20z wax formula really sucks for refills. I decided not to mess with a hot repour so I'm not sure how that will work but I didn't think that the wax would hold if I did it like that. Instead, I just broke open the bottle after pouring the liquid out. Then I cut the wax up into small chunks which also really sucks becasue the wax is very soft and has a shitty texture. I then just dropped the pieces into the new bottle. It's a little messy to work with but it does flow well with my bottle.

that makes sense too, I'm pretty clumsy, and there are always cats and kids underfoot here, so I would probably do it that way too, rather than pouring while hot....Of course, there is always the clumsy me with broken glass aspect of it too. We have to mom proof the house, that's how much I hurt myself......litterally dozens of cuts, brusies and scrapes in any given month, at least one broken toe per month, not to mention the sprained ankles and wrenched knees I've gotten from tripping over cats....I better have my husband do this for me!

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