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I can not get my mediteranean to work.  I have done about 7 refills, all different wax.  The goo either doesn't connect to the coil (2x this happned with similar wax) or it sticks to the sides and won't flow AT ALL.  I'm dumbfounded.  I've wasted so much time on this.  I'm deteremined to get this flowing, it's such an unusual lamp! 

I'm thinking about taking the contents out-again, and letting bleach sit in it for a few hours.  I've tried a very potent cleaner that I let sit in it overnight.  I'm worried what bleach might do to the coil-there is no way I want to try to get the coil out of such a small opening unless absolutely necessary.  There has got to be something wrong with the glass on the inside.  Anyone have any ideas?  Or any idea why this is happening.  I'm thinking I need to perform an exorcism on it.  geez.

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I have refilled several Consorts and Mediterranean’s and had good luck. Here is my procedure.
You can refill two consort bottles with the lava and fluid from a 32 oz globe. I refilled my Consort and Mediterranean from the same 32 oz globe. You can find the old 32 oz globes on EBay, Craig’s list, or at Thrift shops. I have also used Lava Louie supplies and they work very well. The key is to clean the consort bottles thoroughly. First remove the coil. I do this by cutting a clothes hanger and making a small hook on the end to pull the coil out of the bottle. I clean the coil with Dawn dish detergent and scrub it with a toothbrush. Rinse the coil thoroughly and let it dry on a paper towel. Next, I clean the bottles with dish soap and a bush that will fit inside the bottle. Then rinse them with distilled water. Next I fill them with rubbing alcohol and let it soak for 10 or 15 minutes. Empty the alcohol and rinse again with distilled water. Allow the bottle to dry. Insert the coil. I hold the coil with a paper towel as I push it back into the bottle. This way no oil gets on it from my fingers. Next put some of the fluid you are using into the bottle and swirl it around and dump it back out. Then pour the melted wax into the bottle. Let the wax harden on the coil. Fill the bottle with the fluid. If the wax separates from the coil the first time you try it, let the lamp cool. Dump the fluid out and save it. Put the bottle with the wax and coil on the base and let the wax melt and run for about an hour. My theory is this helps bond the wax with the coil. Once the wax is cool again, fill the bottle and try again. It might be overkill, but I have not had problems with lava sticking to the globe doing it this way. Good Luck!

Wow, gorgeous lamps. Well, I have bought 2 32oz. lamps and had no luck. I'm surprised both you and Bohdan think it is a problem with my coil. I will for sure remove the coil and do as you have said. I might just replace the coil. When I used the 32oz. liquid and wax the wax would not connect to the coil.
Bohdan, what makes you think it is a coil problem? Would a bad coil cause the wax to stick to the sides? The wax always sticks on 2 places of the glass, no matter what I do to clean it.
I will 3rd the coil problem and as Manix5 said use Dawn, I believe that is the key. Regular dish soap is not created equal and Dawn is a must, it cuts all the old wax which is petroleum based, bleach will not take it off. Next is the water you use to rinse the globe, it must be distilled or RO water only...regular bottled water will not work as it has minerals and tap water is a no no. I have never used the alcohol but it is a step that would not hurt at all, I just dont think its required after a good wash with Dawn. Take out the coil and clean it with the Dawn also. If you wash the globe properly the wax will not stick. I wash the bottle and coil twice with a good bottle brush and rinse twice with RO water and have never had a problem.

Thanks for the advice. I'm so glad you reitterated using Dawn. I will. Do you think my coil could be damaged and maybe I should just replace it-or can you damage a coil?
Manix, I am curious... how do you pour the wax hot into the bottle without getting it all over the sides?

A funnel helps, but usually some gets on the sides so before I put the water in I heat it on the lamp with a towel around it and the wax will melt. Someone told me this was not necessary that it will naturally come off as heated with the water. I've not trusted this as of yet.
Jester, that's one step I forgot to list. I have a small funnel that I put a clean drinking straw on the end of. This way the hot wax can be poured into the bottom of the bottle and not splattered on the sides. I have also made a funnel out of aluminum foil and put the straw on the end of it.
Ok, will do. I'll keep you all posted. Probably will start this project tomorrow! Just got alcohol and Dawn!

Thanks everyone for your advice!!!!!
Thanks to all your great advice my Mediterranean is up and running! The Dawn and alcohol really worked plus I went ahead and replaced the coil! Thanks again!
Awesome, glad to hear it worked out.

Glad to hear it. Please post a picture sometime. I would love to see it.

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