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New to this forum, so Hi everyone :)

Theres probably a section on the site to answer this or even a previous post but as I'm new I'm having a bit of trouble finding my way around . So apologies in advance.

Ive owned a Mathmos Telstar since around 1998..ish and I love it. Recently Ive aquired 2 Matmos Astro babies from eBay. I bought them with the idea of replacing the bottle in my telstar, as the liquid has faded clear. Also I was gonna pick the best bits and make one good Astro baby up out of the 2 and resell the left over with the clear liquid bottle.

Now I've cleaned them up Ive decided to keep both!

One has a embossed base and a stickerd cap, A black lead and plug with a raised black plastic base.

The Other  has a Printed Base, no sticker on cap (Althought I could have at one time?) a White lead and plug with a raised black plastic base . Also the champher/flat bit at the bottom of the base is slightly smaller than the other Astro baby.

Has anyone any idea of dates for these lamps or a link I can look at?

Cheers Sedated

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That's correct early 90s bases had mathmos socket cap same as with the black original jet caps too
Sticker cap I mean

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