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Wow - Where do I start. My name is David and I used to work at the Crestworth factory premises in the early 1970s to the late 1970s and really enjoyed it.

I came across a website called www.flowoflava.com and the person who ran it asked me join here to share my experiences at Crestworth and answer any questions you may have. I knew Mr Walker and he would be honoured to know that people today still admire these lamps that he created. Quality was very important to him and I think that is evident from his lamps.

I just had a new computer setup and Astrobaby helped me setup broadband in my home ... Not too good with computers. If you have any questions just give me a message ...


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Welcome David.

It's great to meet you. I'm certain that your experiences at the Crestworth factory will be welcomed by the members of the lava community.


Welcome! Nice to see a referal make to our forum! And double nice that it's an actual Goo Employee! WOOT!
Hello David Welcome, its nice to know some one who actually worked in the factory.
Anthony asked me to talk a little bit about my time at Crestworth here to you guys. If you have any questions I will answer them as best as I can. I don't know anything about the formulae of course as Mr Walker kept that to himself and some of the memories are a bit hazy but I will do my best.

The Astro lamp was certainly different to anything or any lamp that was around before it. In a lot of ways we looked at it at Crestworth as a moving piece of art. Crestworth viewed lava as something that could have been placed into any home. They had different designs and the product development team which was based on the same location in Poole was developing different ideas and new colourways and product ideas. It was kind of a unique way to work, with metal spinners on site and craftsmen, it was easy to put up a prototype very quickly.

Mr Walker was a man of very little words, quiet but not shy. He was extremely polite and down to earth, and always treated us well. He cared for his employees and for the people who made his company what it was. He always cared about product quality which is what drove the progression of the design of the Astros and other lamps.

Astrobaby talked to me about Crestworth addresses that were before this time. It is my understanding that most of everything was merged into the facilities where the production has remained but earlier versions of the Astro and the Astro Mini were made on West Quay Road along with earlier lamps. The formula was actually refined many times as you may know and originally started being liquid based.

Crestworth was divided into various sections, and the sales teams were divided to ensure that the lamps were sold abroad. Mr Walker also sold the rights to manufacture the lamps to a company based in USA and he was paid until the early 1970s from these people. Representatives from them visited once the factory in Poole, but other than that I know nothing of them.

Perhaps the most dazzling lamp is known as the Crestworth "Princess" although it never had a name as far as I know. It was original designed for a tradeshow and was developed for special circumstances. Mr Walker was a very generous man and often gave people unique gifts and the Princess was of course used the Doctor Who series.

I worked in the customer services department and the environment was very friendly. We used to go out on Saturdays to the local seafront and enjoy picnics. It was a great time ... I wish this gives you a little introduction to the company I worked for ...

Thank you - David.
Hello David, Welcome to oozinggoo Im a big collector of mathmos/Crestworth lamps. I found Mr Craven Walker a great inventor of that time and his quality workmenship still lives on. Im glad you have joined this site for all ooz fan's. Astrobaby is great souce of infomation but im sure we will be asking you questions in time. Once again kind regards john
Thank you John - I will be adding a lot to Anthony's website in the coming months and keep checking here. It is nice to see the lamps still being produced on the original site too.

Yes indeed! Welcome to the goo and to a place of lava fandom. We do particularly love to product from the Crestworth Factory.
Hi!! great!!! welcome very warmly.
C ool to have worked in such an"enlightening"company.
Hello David wishing you a warm welcome I'm sure you will inundated with questions :-) hope you enjoy the site as much as I do, I'm sure you will :-)

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