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Decorative Cap Shortage.. where have all the caps gone?

I have been on the search for a cap for my Lava Lamp... however, they are hard to find.  I don't really want a 3d printed one. I want an aluminum one.. I'm a machinist and Im considering making a few out of aluminum.  caps for pre and post 1993 (i.e screw and non screw)

Is there copy right infringement issues? Is that why no one is selling them?  I'm just confused why on one has done this before. 

What are your thought? Would something like that be desired?

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Which model are you talking about? I have some spare caps but not for all models out there of course...

The cost to do plastic injection molding would be somewhere around $15k. The cost to do the metal spinning is also high, but I don't have numbers on that. The problem is the cost to make them at scale is so high that the only way to make your money back is to sell hundreds or thousands of them. There isn't enough demand to make that happen unless someone wants to do it as a pet project and make a small amount. You are also right about potential legal issues. You could invest $15k into this project and get shut down day 1 with a cease and desist.

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