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I have attached 6 photos (feet for scale). I bought this Lava Larry in beautiful condition almost a year ago. The giblet to inflate his gorgeous body has come off. The giblet I am holding in my massive hands was ripped from another one of my inflatable pals from college days. Don't ask questions. What I am here for is some good old fashioned brain storming. And who better than the goo community. The goo family. MY family. Guys, do your thing. Let's Get this thing to 500 likes! 


(I've already tried duct tape) (feet for scale)

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hey guys. no comments yet. lets get things started!

please like and share. SAVE LARRY PLEASE

we miss him

we are kind of like the avengers from the movie The Avengers if you think about it

Try JB Weld?

This is oozinggoo, not youtube...the "like, share and subscribe" bs doesnt work here. If its really about repairing that thing go to survival store and buy patches for a tent floor. good luck ...and btw 500likes!? I doubt that there is ANY pic, video or post that goes past 100 likes...again, this is oozinggoo and not some sort of vanity community...and I'm glad about this!

cut a square out around where the valve would go on the thing you want to repair, and then find an old pool float or air mattress or something (actually the big box stores probably have pool floats on clearance right now) and cut a bigger square out around where the valve is on that. then take the valve + square from the donor object and use vinyl cement or rubber cement or jb weld or etc (it doesn't really matter so long as you get an airtight seal) to attach it.

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