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Hi, does anyone know if Mathmos ever produced a white base and cap Astro? I remember they produced a marbled white/grey based lamp which I missed out on. I've been searching for either of the above without success. There's currently a black based Astro available on their site, it would be great to see a white based one. 

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Great question. I am not sure they ever did although they did have an all white-bodied

Astro Baby and of course, as mentioned, the Editions Marble effect version.

They did a literally one-off all Glass special competition winner’s model once, now that would really be sought after. I would pay big bucks for that one! Maybe one day that one will resurface to become the world’s most expensive Astro,

All glass, wow that would be fantastic. Was it clear glass do you know? Or white glass? either is great but white would hide the bulb holder and glare from the bulb. 

I remember them doing an astro baby in white, I'd love to buy one of those, but I missed out on them at the time. I loved the Smart Astros the best, but sadly my three failed and had to be sent back. 

As I can remember it was like an opaque white, not clear. This was a while ago though. That lamp will go for huge money perhaps one day if it ever surfaces. Sorry to read of your unreliable Smarts.

Hope someone from Mathmos reads this and see's there's a need for a run of glass lamps lol, ones with white wax and clear liquid. Or just as good, white lamps

Thanks re smarts, sounds daft but I was dissapointed when I had to send them back, my Husband bought them for me and in my opinion they were literally the best invention Mathmos made. I've been tempted when I've seen them for sale second hand, but not bitten as I fear they would go the same way as the ones I had. Every time I turn our Astro on, I think of the smarts and wish they'd bring back a version that would last the test of time. 

Here are the two mentioned special Astros:

And well, look what I found in my big collection of lava pics:

The only problem: I don't know if these are custom or official? No idea where I got the photos, maybe Ebay??

Thanks very much for the photos, I love all those lights, Mathmos should introduce the glass one, I'm sure that would be a winner. The white astro also, that's a superb lamp, I'd have mine sprayed if I knew anyone who would do it. My Husband has told me I can have a new lamp for Christmas, but I can't find one I would like that will suit the white room it's going in lol, so will hang on until I can either find a white one, marble one or until Mathmos produced something that fits my wish-list. 

I used to have a Millennium Telestar, sold it for £54.00 oh man, bad move lol. 

Would also consider a walnut version of the editions range as the floor will be a similar colour, but I'm not totally sure about it. I've got my heart set on a white one, given all the furniture in the room is white glass and the room walls are all white. Mind you, I've always wanted a white Astro, something I've always thought would look fantastic, by your photo it certainly does too. Bit limited in the UK for lava lamps, Mathmos produce a superb product, but the American ones look so much more collectable, beautiful coloured bases, the sky is the limit with options it seems, not the case over here in the UK

Really does look stunning in white.

It does look stunning in white doesn't it. I cannot understand why a white version isn't currently made in their range, any colour bottle would match in that colour. 

How about spray painting? I wouldnt recommend doing this to collectors items like...erm...a comet or so as it makes it basicly worthless (dont ask how I know) but an astro base wouldnt be much of a sacrifice

Btw the white astro on the pic above also is a custom paintjob as far as I know...made by former member Tom Willkommen from switzerland...a rather unpleasent person to deal with but he had a stunning collection.

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