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Hi, does anyone know if Mathmos ever produced a white base and cap Astro? I remember they produced a marbled white/grey based lamp which I missed out on. I've been searching for either of the above without success. There's currently a black based Astro available on their site, it would be great to see a white based one. 

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why dont you just ask him if he sells it...it's an ebay site so why not...if this is Tom Willkommen though, be careful and only send money with buyers protection!!

Sais the seller is patrizia. I asked if its for sale, will let you know. whats you maximum for base only? 

Arne, I'll send you a friendship request, so I can then send you a message

Hi I do have a white Mathmos base and cap but I think it was professionally sprayed rather than being made by Mathmos, you would never know though they did a fab job whoever did it and its not brilliant white its like a pearly white, looks great with a white astro in.


I'll send you a friendship request so you can send me the details, thanks

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