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Just warning others NOT to purchase lava lamps directly from Lava Lite unless you want to be left high and dry should you get a bad one.

Last week I ordered an 11.5 inch white wax/blue liquid lava lamp direct from Lava Lite AKA Schylling and received the lamp this past Friday. Usually my luck was pretty good at getting clear lamps but this time was different. Very different. This one was VERY cloudy. Pretty hard to tell at first due to the small size but obvious once you turned the lamp on. Not only is the liquid cloudy but once the lamp starts flowing, most of the wax blobs up in the top. I know this lamp is small but I have a few other 11.5 inch lamps and none of them do this.

Yesterday I called Lava Lite AKA Schylling yesterday on a break and talked to a customer service rep. I believe her name was Tracey. Told her what I was experiencing. Didn't offer any refund or replacement. All she wanted me to do was to try that half baked procedure of turning the lamp on and off in "short bursts" as they put it. If I recall correctly, this procedure is a crap shoot but from the general consensus, it does not work.

I tried being persistent about saying that I've heard this procedure didn't really work, she told me to take a pic of the lamp and send it to her to forward to her 2 managers. Today I get an email from her telling me to try the same "short burst" procedure but I know it probably won't do any real good. I haven't responded to her yet but when I do, I will probably tell them how crappy their company, products and customer service really is.

Sounds like to me they've had to replace too many defective lamps and probably got very costly for them. What I'd really like to know is what EXACTLY does the limited 90 day warranty cover. It obviously doesn't cover cloudy liquid or flow issues with the wax.

Sorry to turn this into a bit of a long rant but I really don't want to see anyone else get taken by ordering direct from Lava Lite. If you get a good one, great. If however you get a bad one, you will probably be left high and dry. Obviously buying local is best because if you get a cloudy lamp, you can just box it up and take it back to the store for a replacement or refund. If that is not an option, than I would recommend buying lamps from Amazon or other online retailers that have no hassle return policies should you be unsatisfied with your lamp.

All I can say is that I'm really glad this was an 11.5 inch lamp that cost around $17 including shipping. If this was a $100+ Grande, than I would be making a MUCH bigger issue. I would probably be disputing the charge with Paypal at that point. I would tell them that I was sent a defective product and the company wouldn't do anything about it.

Here is the Lava Lamp blunder in question.

However, I have to give a shout out to Claude J. This guy sells awesome lamps and the way he packs them for shipping, they could probably survive a nuclear blast unscathed.

I HIGHLY recommend checking out his Ebay store if you haven't already.

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Donald, you did buy an up converter correct from 110 to 220?  Just a travel adapter will get it into the plug but will not raise the voltage to run the bulb at proper temperature for the lamp to function correctly.  Thanks.  Shoot some pics when you get it set up!


If his 130 volt 40 watt bulbs fit the European socket it should work with the adapter.

These are the bulbs I ordered and they were mentioned in another Mathmos Astro lamp thread.


The poster said they work great too.

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