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Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am Louie's right hand man and Director of Operations for Magma Tower (our commercial lamp company). I see that a lot of you have questions for Louie and he is not readily available and Michelle is very busy with her company RSG and sometimes doesn't have the time for our Goo Kits. So I am going to try to make myself regularly available for all of your questions. I am very excited about being introduced to this site and meeting all of you that share my passion for these mesmerizing lamps. Talk to you soon...


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can you get metallic silver goo in a kit because i am overhauling my wizard this october and i would like to know my color options for just the goo kit( i am keeping the water clear)
We are experimenting with metallics right now. I would love to start offering silver and copper. The goo kit comes with the three primary colors that you can mix together to secondary. We also offer black light reflective green, orange, blue and white.

how do you dye the water with the goo kit?
The kit is designed to run with distilled water for a crystal clear lamp. Coloring the water is at your own risk. If you use a strictly water based colorant it should work and not contaminate the wax. On the other hand a lot of colorants are made with regular water and could contaminate the distilled water. I recommend you set the lamp up with clear distilled water and then decide if you still want to color it.

I am in the process of testing out some different colorants. It will take a while before I know the long term affects.


Where is the new design lamp you were making ? Sure would like to see it.

We are working diligently to get the product ready to show. Oozing Goo members will be the first to get a preview. I assure you it will be worth the wait.

I cannot tell you what is or is not in our wax do to company confidentiality. What I can tell you is that we have no harmful chemicals in any of our products.
Wow calm down lol I worked at a mechanics shop for a few years and eat brake clean ( with perc ) with my cheerios j/k. Seriously I used it all the time and I by far didn't have any addiction to it or even want to smell it, and for cancer some of the other guys had worked there for years and years and were cancer free. Not to mention it should be sealed in a lava globe not in your fridge next to your o.j lol.
Hi! I have just puchased a goo kit, and now I realised I don't know if one kit is enough. I need to fill a Lunar bottle, which is 4,5 litres, is one kit enough?
It is enough. Like Marcel said it is enough for a grande which is 7 liters.
Thanks, guys!

Has anyone run the Lava Louie Goo in the original Lava Lite "USA" made clear liquid?

I'm wondering how the Lava Louie wax would flow with lava lamp liquid instead of the distilled water called for in the Goo instructions...?

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