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Do you sell lamps on ebay? if you do watch out for people like this nutbag.

To my fellow gooheads,

First off if you ever sell anything on ebay and the buyer comes back to you and says its broken and doesn't work ask for PROOF! Simple pictures tell the story. If they refuse to show proof then BAM then you know they are full of sh!t. Don't be bullied by people like this. Read my interactions with this buyer and beware gooheads. Oh and I'm wohlster57 in the conversations.

Love, Dr


Dear wohltster57,

hello received the lava lamp today .it doesnt come on and the base is loose afraid it will not hold the bottle.i would like a refund.

- hessmer_fd_26
Dear hessmer_fd_26,

Did you try changing the bulb or see if the bulb filament is broken? The bulb worked when I shipped it and sometimes shipping can cause the filament to break but they are easily replaceable and can be bought at walmart or any hardware store. Also the base was fine and sturdy when I shipped it can you please send me photos of what your talking about? I need photos of everything please.

- wohltster57

Dear wohltster57,

I dont want this item .just refund me and send me a prepaid return postage .ans send pic will not show the base is loose nor will it show it doesnt light.i placed a bid on a working item and received different .refund please

- hessmer_fd_26
Dear hessmer_fd_26,

I'm sorry but I need proof that the lamp is in the condition you say it to be in. If it doesn't light up, try then another bulb, it's not hard. Also I've been shipping lava lamps for a long time now and when there has been a issue, the buyer NEVER has a problem with coming up with proof to the problem. If I see that lamp is as you say it is, then I'll refund you the cost of the lamp even though my auction DOES state that there are no refunds or exchanges. And for the shipping cost that is NON refundable. I'm sorry but you just can't walk into any store that you bought a item from without the item and proof it doesn't work and except a refund because you say it doesn't work. I'm trying to work with you here (although my auction does say no refunds) but if you think that just your word is enough to get a refund then your sorely mistaken. Your choice. I'm more then willing to work with you here but if you want eBay involved I'll be more then happy to do that as well because I know what they'll say about all this.

- wohltster57
Dear wohltster57,

omg im not going bk n forth like this .if u would of sold me a working item I would not bother u.also im not going out and buy a bulb.i paid far a working item.also I didnt go to the extent to mention a store and they do refund!!!!.
im just going to take the next step.god bless YOU

- hessmer_fd_26
Dear hessmer_fd_26,

Of course your not because you want a free lamp out of this and I refuse to jsut take your word for it. How hard is to snap a picture of the lamp? like really? I've been trying to work with you here but your apparently are too upset and irrational because you cant get your own way. So take the next step and I'll laugh about it when ebay comes back and says wheres your proof. And please tell me what store refunds you $ without showing them the broken item because I'm going to go there with NO proof (like you) and ask for a refund on the most expensive item they have the shelf. What country do you think this is? And god doesn't like lairs remember that. Have a good day.

- wohltster57

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No clue why the text is black, hope oyu guys can read it still.

Well, "Love, Doc",  lol, it is apparent that you have encountered someone from the Dark Side.  Good Grief, what a squirrel, tries to flat out steal your lamp and and then says God Bless You?   Definitely a nut case and pure out and out crook.  I hope he don't mess up your perfect feedback!

You handled that extremely well though.  I might have gone after him. 

That's really terrible, I don't sell on ebay for this exact reason. A friend of mine was selling a speaker on ebay, and they sent it out as soon as it sold. The buyer never sent the payment, so they were out like $400. I know they shouldn't have shipped before receiving payment, but you should be able to trust people. It seems that on ebay, people don't care about anyone else, but themselves. I'm sorry this happened to you, and I hope that the buyer does the right thing.

It should be "God" heathen....

when it says 'no returns' 'sold as is ' you cant just decided you don't want something for no reason other than the lightbulb is burnt out ! what a dork !

i run across a buyer like this every once in a while on ebay.  i laugh!

I had someone tell me a wave machine I sold them was broken and that they wanted a refund. I asked them for a photo and never heard from them again. Also, I fixed your text color problem.

Well they opened a case against me so we will see what ebay has to say about all this. Whats funny is that they claim they dont know how to take and send photos. Like realy? a member since 2001 whose sold stuff before cant send photos?

Don't even tell me its the one for $5.50 (which btw looks to me to be in pristine condition)...and they are putting up this much of a stink?  Probably has cost them more in electricity to run their computer to write the emails  I had someone pull a stunt like this with a laptop once, I clearly stated in my description that the battery was being included, but it was AS-IS due to age, no refunds, etc. for any issues with the battery.  SO they get it, and call me up stating the battery fell apart and they want either money back or a refund....I tried in vain to explain that the battery wasn't covered and was sold as is, but that I'd be willing to work with them but I wanted a photo of the battery.  Well I never got a photo, and ended up refunding some of his payment because he threatened negative feedback, and since I sell under my father's account, I had no choice but to comply because if I would have gotten him a neg. feedback I would have been banned from using his account.  I prefer to just keep 1 account for both of us because the higher number of sales helps us both out, as opposed to me having to start over at 0. 

But it goes to show you, turns me off from selling on there.  Especially with electronics and the like. 

This is why I don't sell on Ebay. They take 10% of the sale and they can't even provide clear instructions on what I have to do as a seller to ensure any dispute will come out in my favor. (They do have guidelines, but they're so vague that Ebay could easily interpret them to reach whatever conclusion they want.)

The sale price might be lower locally, in person, or to a trusted forum member, but I usually end up with more money in the end anyway. I just wish Ebay had some viable competition.

I have a store on Ebay, Etsy and Amazon, nothing major just enough to support my crippling addiction of collection miscellaneous things like lava lamps and nes games :P

Ebay does often favor the seller but given that you are practically begging the guy to send you a picture and he is the one not complying I don't think you have anything to worry about. Keep us posted!

God doesn't liars...... WELL PLAYED SIR, well played!

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