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Does anyone know anything about this French glitter strand lamp?

It's definitely vintage, and very well made.

A soild heavy metal base, and the 'bottle' is a thick, heavy glass, sealed unit.

Fast flowing silver strand flakes.

Tempted to put a little colour on the glass base, or try a coloured bulb.

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Beautiful piece, very stylish

Reminiscent of another French ball globe?

Yes! Reminiscent of this one (although this one isn't a sealed glass globe):

Yes, that's the one - magnifique!

They made some pretty fine glitter, back in the day

like it

French glitter. I lump sealed globe glitters in with boilers. These (sealed glitter lamps) were all made by "M.U.C." of Paris, and are well worth grabbing. Rarely do I see the same model twice; I've seen this base once before, but with a different shape globe. "M.U.C." also made glitter lamps with boilers inside and regular boilers, too.

Thanks for the information Jonas.

Sadly the glitter strands in this one have lost their sparkle, and obviously can't be replaced as it's a sealed globe.

Not sure if it had the wrong bulb fitted at some point or whether that was a common problem with these?

Yes, over time the nasty solvent liquid will eat the silvering off the mylar glitter, regardless of bulb wattage. I'd hold onto it anyway, it being rare and unusual. Yes, maybe try some colors on the bottom. I just checked, and no, I've seen a very similar base, but not this exact one! It had a thicker stem with a middle bulge, same finish and fancy collar on top, and had a glitter-boiler on it.

That spherical lamp with the trumpet base is still one of my very favorite French glitters. Would LOVE to find that one. Yours looks great! That ceramic one is super-spiffy too; I have an oval ceramic with a very similar finish.

Well let me know if you're interested in it, as selling off most of my lamps, and wouldn't want a fortune for it.

I'll message you with a link for one of the spherical lamps. It's in France though, and when I asked a couple of months ago she wasn't willing to ship.

Perhaps you'll have better luck though!

Will also let you know if I see another.

Are you selling any boilers, Mark?

Sorry, aside from the lamp above, I think I've sold all of my boilers now, with the exception of a few that I'm hanging to.

Will let you know if I decide to sell the others though. 

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