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I'm buying a double Florence glitter. It's the model with the ornate brown chalkware column in the center. The bottles are empty, though - I'm sure my best bet is to refill with modern 'fast glitter' formula. I'll never get hold of any 'extra' Florence mix!

I'm happy just to find a double that I can afford! To those who collect these: Is a double of this sort (same kind as the doubles with a wooden column or just a ring) with no liquid worth $40? That's the price including shipping.

~ Jonas

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It would be to me Jonas.  I think I know the lamp you are referring to Jonas (if its from Montana).  I offered the seller quite a bit more than she was asking.  Congrats!

That's the one. I think it'll look cool with fast glitter. Why was your offer not taken?

Apparently the thing had the liquid replaced with mineral oil, with the glitter left in, when they got it; why, I have no idea. I can only guess the user wanted a different color, and assumed the oily stuff in there was probably just...oil.

The seller was fair and informed me that she had someone who was already interested, and that would be you.  I completely respect that; you offered what she was asking and she wasn't swayed by money.  Major props to Grace. 

I am super happy it is you who got it; someone who has been looking for one but isn't willing to go into debt to get one.  I am the same way as you.  I just can't afford $1000 for a lamp like this. Well, I COULD, but it would bother me.  This is what makes collecting fun Jonas, stumbling upon a rare gem for a steal.  I got my one and only Florence Glitter for $15.  I was ready to do back flips, but am very clumsy.

Fast glitter would look great, especially if you go two-tone.  Its a shame you do need to do a replacement though as nothing beats that foil-style glitter that flows achingly slow.

If its ok with you, I will post a pic of the lamp so our fellow Oozing Gooers can get a visual of the gem you are getting. 

Mineral oil? Is that all that's in glitter lamps? Sorry, I know that wasn't the point of this thread... But I have a clear bottle (globe) with giant silver squares in it but the liquid is about and inch lower then I'd like, even with expansion. I've scoured this site, you tube, and the web, to see what the mix is. I have an empty 20 oz I've been using as the experiment bottle. I've tried water and baby oil, water and mineral oil, and just water... But I haven't tried just oil. The closest "recipes" I could find were for water and baby oil. I just really need to top the bottle off, but I'm terrified to mess it up! I love it!

Jennifer, DO NOT use oil. Please. I wasn't clear: I think someone assumed that, and did a refill...and that's why it was sold: it quit working.

No one knows exactly what's in the Florence slow-motion glitters, except that the glitter itself consists of incredibly thin aluminum leaf. 1960s, 70s and 80s fast-motion glitters used chlorinated solvents, some of which are compatible for "topping-up" low globes and some of which aren't. I don't know what's in modern cheapie glitters, but there're more than one formula in use.

If your glitter lamp is low, it's vintage, and it still works, there are two good options: find an old bottle and refill completely, or keep it as-is.

Jonas is one lucky dog.  :-)

Thank you Jonas. I will take your advice and leave it alone... Congrats on your new lamp. :)

Thanks! Going to refill fast glitter, but what color or colors depends on what globes I can find on a sweep of the area's thrift stores. Hopefully, I'll find a few Peace Lamps with silver rather than iridescent glitter. If I'm lucky, I'll find a Hot Rock or some Link'd/Glo-Oozy/Crayon bottles, which came in cooler liquid colors like green and blue. (I love the Link'd dark blue - with use, it morphs into royal purple)

Also: I believe Bryin owns the other of this model that's been seen, with the chalkware urn in the middle. They're removing the urn and wrapping it separately.

The other double models vary. Some have a central wooden column, tapered like a table leg, either narrow at the top and wide at the bottom or vice-versa; these are topped by a knob and ring. Some of these have the arms as shown, some have arms that go directly into the section under the column, and some attach to a sort of crossbar that has knobs underneath the mounting points. Also, some models with the crossbar have no central column, just the knob-with-a-ring. There's also a crossbar, no-column version with small globes.

Correction: There are THREE of these known. Frank Chillino has one...not surprisingly.

It seems a major bargain has been has here - even without any glitter or liquid. Nice job.

Just been checking some of the groups here and I can't believe there isn't a Florence Art group here yet. If I knew more about these fascinating models I would start a group, I think Frank Chillino or Jonas should start one. Jonas has such great knowledge and Frank truly loves these lamps too. These really are fascinating lamps and deserve their own specialist group. I'd join!

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