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I was bidding on one and ebay shut it got a notice that it is being investigated as a  scam and not to pay for it .Any one else get this?

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I saw those, was it the ones that started at $1 with free shipping? I was going to bid on one, but I saw a couple oder models that I really want, so I'm hoping they don't go over my limit for the two, but yeah, I think saw those....
yes those are the ones
Are you talking about the ones from scottsalestoday? http://completed.shop.ebay.com/scottsalestoday/m.html?LH_Complete=1...
Holy snhikey.... he yanked all his auctions!!!! I've been writing back & forth with him, He claimed he had 9 of each lamp & was listing them daily till they were gone! What an A$$#0Le!
Yes I won one and was trying for another . He is not replying.so maybe ebay is right. But ebay is about 48hrs late I paid for the first one already. Nancy
I was trying to snatch one, thought it might be a bit hinkey... I'm sorry Nancy, hope it turns out to be legit & you get your lamps!

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