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wooooooow so I have two ( both in exelect condition, one with box ) of these just like this, if anyone here is bidding on this one please let me know. I will sell the one that is near perfect and in the box, for near whatever this one sells for!!!! ( hell lol for what it is at now, for that matter ) Just contact me and I can send pics and info. Thanks Wayne.

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shhhh dont say that lol, i'm trying to get rich quick lol
Thats what im saying lol, I so wish i contact the buyer people on ebay.
That's terrible. $800 for a wave? Ugh. I seriously doubt it will stay there too. Sadly. It will go up probably another $100.

These things are cool - but not $1000 dollars cool. I wonder if these people are using CASH or CREDIT to pay for this stuff.
with no pic of the wave its self !!!
They make those bubbles when moved / or been on a while, ( they go away after sitting still ) looks like a nice wave to me but, way out of my price range.
Seen this also, looks really low on fluid, causing it to not be balanced, and work properly.
Anything above $50 dollars he is already making money. I am sure it will go much higher because there are lots of people with more money than self control. That's why there is the link for the wave that has a buy it now at $825. People watch the auctions and see what their item can fetch. They go OOOH and AHHH and list at the highest price. Most times they fail. Sadly, they have been selling for that much lately because people again, are willing to spend it without giving it any though or realizing just how much something is worth.

I guess it goes - if someone isn't going to post any further pictures, don't buy it. Lol. There will be others.
What's the "Orb Lamp" ?
wow the other one sold too !!!!!!!
I recently was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to obtain 3 new in the box, model #18 Caribbean waves. They say B595 on the end of the box. I also have the original over carton from Lava Simplex that these three, along with three others were shipped to a store ages ago. They are mint. I took one out to see it go. ( Beautiful! ) But before that they had never been opened. I will take many pictures to share soon. I am willing to part with these individually or as a lot of three with the overcarton. These are awesome cool, but I collect lava lamps. I came about owning these in a odd way. If some one is interested in these please contact me. If I have no interest here I will eventually post them for sale on ebay. I would consider a trade some something (?) let me know what you have. How about a Collosus... :)
i would love to get my hands on one. what do you want for one?

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