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Ebayniacs? Anybody? Please help me understand this...

Ordered a goo kit on Ebay. UPS tracking number shows up as "Invalid". Magmatower10 response is (quote):

"checking on it.  somebody fatfingered the numbers."

- magmatower10
Sooooooooo-My question is: Can anyone else think of a scenario involving UPS and Ebay which even CALLS FOR manual entry of tracking numbers? I can't! Everything is scanned, numbers are all computer generated.  I know I should jus re-ask magmatower, but at this point I'm feeling suspicious of their replies.  I'm hoping one of you can be the voice of reason, and tell me something to knock me off my suspicion-like HOW it could even possibly happen? Thanks yall-

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I sell regularly on eBay, I have to manually input the tracking number if there is one. I suppose if you are setting up your shipments online, it will fill itself in but not always. I have also run into the situation, where the tracking number is correct, but never shows up online for whatever reason. I HIGHLY doubt they're "ripping you off" so to speak...

their replies are often charismatic in my experience.  i sell many things on ebay and must manually enter tracking numbers.  it happens, and you should not be suspicious!

Thanks yall!  You got me to run through things in my mind a little better, and now I realize what I had wrong. Now if they'd jus get the dang goo kit to me, I can forget all this trackin' business and get to work on a masterpiece.  HehHeh...

I just ordered one and my tracking number didnt not work, and when i emailed them about the number. they said it wasent working on there end, and didnt have the order info handy to get the correct number. So when I did get my package they forgot to ship half my order. Had to wait over thanksgiving weekend. So on monday the email i got back from them said, "ratz my bad".... I was like your bad?!?! nice, thats professional. So when they finally shipped the rest of my order. they refused to give a part refund, or anything else for the trouble. And the wax i got wont flow at all. Even on a 100 watt reflector.... So i emailed them it wasn't working. The email i got back was, ratz, well you need to call us. We need to have a talk about this... Lol like im a kid or something. I could be taking the last email wrong, but All i know is i will never order another goo kit again

Mannnnnn...that SUX!  Have you called them?  If you jus ordered your's, that means mine might be the same situation.   Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Lack of professional demeanor is certainly an issue with them, I see now.

Let us know what is happening with your situation, please.  Hope they fix things for you!

Hey Metallica man-what is the date written on the bottom of your quart of goo?  My kit jus got here, and the date on mine is 4/2/12.  Jus wonderin...

Magma tower if your reading this, I am not having a go at all but I think you really have to look into your pick / packing and shipping process.

Guess what?  I jus got my quart of goo all liquefied, and it's got all kinds of CRAP floating around and also collected on the bottom!  Black specs, tiny black pieces that look a lot like WHISKERS (the kind that fall out of a man's electric shaver), and multitudes of tiny specs of something either gold-ish or iridescent and reflective.  There's even a couple of small filmy clumps of something in the bottle of surf!  I haven't contacted them YET, but I'm fixin' to...

Mine dose not have a date writen on it.

Hmmmmm-well, being consistent is apparently not one of their attributes either.  I jus sent my message off to them.  In the last line I said I would appreciate a rapid and professional, courteous response.  I'm definitely in no mood to hear back a flippant reply...

Here's the best pics I could make.  The stuff has collected against the bottom, where there's a circle in the plastic bottle's surface.  Hard to see, but that circle shape you see is composed of countless tiny black specs which have collected together.  The shiny stuff is even tinier, but it's there.

I hope Autumn pops in this thread, I'd love her opinion...

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