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Today, I have done the lava lamp electronic heating and lighting application that I wanted to do for a long time. Because it was quite difficult to find the old type lamp.

So I made both the lava lamp and the electronic part.

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Thats really cool, reminds me of the Smart Astro a lot.

Pretty creative

I accomplished this in a different way by using off the shelf items


It fun to building something custom

Really nice.

Claude J said:

Oldukça yaratıcı

Raf malzemelerini kullanarak bunu farklı bir şekilde başardım.


Özel bir şey inşa etmek eğlenceli

Hi Richard Paul Williams, yes I have added perchlorethylene to make the wax more dense than liquid. But I forgot to write in the picture.

Richard Paul Williams said:

Harika başarı!

Balmumu sıvıdan daha yoğun hale getirmek için perkloretilen (veya benzeri bir şey) eklediniz mi ?

Liquid paraffin 6,5g
Microcrystalline paraffin 16g
Paraffin wax 22.5g
Totally 45g approximately 50ml
PERC (perchlorethylene) 32.4g approximately 20ml

Others: 260ml water, 80ml Propyleneglycol, 5ml saturated SDS (Sodium dodecyl sulfate)

Richard Paul Williams said:

Can you remember how much perchloroethylene you added approximately?

Thank you

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