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Hi everyone. I have kind of a large collection but some that I would like to start on is the Elek-trick series. Anyone have any for sale or seen on eBay? I've been checking eBay but a lot of people don't list them as the Elek-Trick series unless u look through thousands of pictures. Also, was one of the combos a white base and cap with clear liquid and purple lava? Thanks

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Yes, Rob, I did think of that too due to our OCD!   They look the same, but I do hope someone will answer that question for us.
Rob C said:

Just for my own clarification (and because I share Marley's OCD when it comes to lamps), is there any difference between a white Elek-Trick base and a Princess base?


I honestly don't know.  If there is it could be whether it is black-light responsive or not.  There is no difference in the shape.

Rob C said:

Just for my own clarification (and because I share Marley's OCD when it comes to lamps), is there any difference between a white Elek-Trick base and a Princess base?

Usually the blacklight responsive ones have matte bases.  I have an orange Elek-Trick and it is so bright it'll knock your eyeballs out.   But the paint is matte orange, not glossy on the base/cap.

Vince says there's no difference.  They do (the white bases) look alike to me, must just be the globes that are the difference between naming them the Princess series or the Elek-Tricks.

I picked up what I think is a princess base last week at the thrift store and the stamped date on the base is unreadable, but it has a white power cord. Does the color of the power cord denote if its an Elek-Trick or princess?

No, I think only the white ones had the white cords. What I understand the white princess and the white Elek-trick are the same base, the white princess came with purple lava and the white Elek-trick came with black lava.
Look in my albums at my elek-trek series. I admit some are home made but have all listed in the lave library. I keep my eyes open for originals to replace my home made but at least I can enjoy all the colors and all my globes are really nice in color and flow

 The white bases are the same, there is no specific difference in them at all. I have a red and blue base with the white cords. I have only ever seen the white cords on the Elek Trick series bases but have also seen them with black cords. I think it just depended on when they were made.

 The white base was available with any globe through Spencers "custom" program. You could buy any base with any color globe. The clear/purple with white base was a factory combo but I have only seen it with screw top globes, not bottle capped.

 Also double check the date code on the cap, they did not switch over to bottle capped globes until 1993. I have never seen one stamped earlier than 1993.

LampHead is correct. There is no Elec-Trick white base. The full range of Elec-Tricks were colored: earlier bases are matte and UV-responsive, later ones are gloss and not responsive.

On the first catalog page introducing the seven Elec-Trick models, also pictured were the new black/clear globes, which came on two bases: Midnight and Princess. If it's a white base, it is technically a Princess, regardless of lava color. Earlier Princesses were more matte than later ones, and they had screw-caps. The original Princess colors were: purple/clear, lemon yellow/clear, coral pink/clear. Soon, the black/clear was added (after the switch to bottle-caps.) Later, all sorts of colors came with each base color.

Elec-Trick lamps came with same-color wax in clear liquid. The glossy ones were noted simply as Electric, and were offered in fewer colors, with colored liquid.

If you were hunting for Elec-Tricks, I'd call the following the full collection:

Elec-Trick - red red/clear, orange orange/clear, yellow yellow/clear, blue blue/clear, purple purple/clear, pink pink/clear, green green/clear. Several of these are VERY rare.

Electric - red white/red, purple white/purple, pink white/pink, blue white/blue, green white/green, orange white/orange.

Thanks Jonas, I wasn't too clear on the Elek-tricks. This helped a lot.

There is also the original Elec-trick yellow which is neon-green wax before it became lemon yellow. Mine came in a Midnight/Princess box labeled 8008 with a white base.

just curious - if there was never an elec-trick with a white base, then was mention on the following box photo for the princess line?


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