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Ever heard of or seen this thing before? "Colorbox" oil filled chamber..

I cannot find one bit of info on this thing, but I bought it anyway, haha..

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Hey! I remember seeing these! Does it have a frame that looks kinda glittery? And the top and bottom are flat thick acrylic pieces? So you can flip it over and watch the layers of color mix and blend... I think my dad used to put a flashlight behind it and turn off the lights so we could see the colors on the wall! Ahhh... Good times. :). Well, even if it's not the same thing I'm remembering... It looks pretty cool!
It's on it's way and I haven't seen it out of its package yet, but I'll take pics when it comes in.

These are similar to the type of products, popular in the 80s-90s, which Lava started making and calling "End-Ups." You used to see spirals with colored droplets rolling down in clear liquid, colored drops that run down tiered steps or that spin little wheels, and these, which have one color of oil in another color of liquid - usually times two with different colors in each, sandwiched together - that form interesting flowy designs for a minute or so after you flip them over. Think of a faster-moving version of the oil wheel in a Mathmos Space Projector.

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