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I have several 52oz globes I want to fade to clear. I do NOT want the wax in them faded at all. I experimented with one, transferring the liquid to a jar and leaving it outside for several weeks. Unfortunately, some of the liquid was lost - evaporation, I suppose. Can someone suggest a better way to accomplish fading the liquid? Should I keep it indoors, at a window, so it doesn't get as hot? I don't have windows that get a lot of sunlight, so I'm hoping for a better solution, like finding an alternate container that won't lose liquid to evaporation.

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I faded out the blue fluid on a blue/blue astro bottle last summer by sitting it in a bowl on a 45 degree angle and covering the bottom 1/4 of the bottle with a cloth so that the sun only shone on the fluid not the wax. It worked a treat! There's pics of before and after on my page too...
I stuck my Grande outside for 2 weeks, didn't fade the wax at all! It's back outside, cause my Mountain Dew Green ended up Swamp water green! DOH!
Thanks for the suggestions. I put out a screw cap globe: blue liquid and white lava. The lava is not all that white so if it happens to fade as well I'd be happy, It sounds like the wax doesn't fade much in the sun, if at all. How could I fade the wax?
I'm still gonna try a Black light bulb... whether I whine about, is another question! LOL

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