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Hi all, I just got a Fantasia Firefly Fibre Optic Lamp today from a sale,

It has its original box and instructions and it is in working condition too.

It lights up and turns around too.

It is quiet too.

Any info would be nice on it.

I have seen them for sale in the USA but not the UK.

Are they rare?

Thanks, Wazzer.

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By "Firefly," you mean a tall, narrow cylindrical model? Semi-common in the USA, though uncommon in the box. RARE in the UK, especially if set up for 220v. mains. If it IS set up for UK current hang onto it - as much as it's rare there, I'm not sure it has the collector base it would in the US.

Hi, thanks for getting back to me.
It is set up for the UK, using 220-240 volts.
It hasn't got a switch on the cable so it just plugs straight into the mains.

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