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Here is the fabulous Fantasia Love Bug. Special thanks to Steve for selling me a brand new - sealed - original! BTW, he still has a couple left if you are looking for one. These things are awesome. Links to the pics and videos are below. As usual, a picture is included to get you started!

This is the only lamp that does not have a rotating heat spray.

Pics -

Video 1 -

Video 2 -

Night Videos -

1 - https://oozinggoo.ning.com/video/love-bug-night-side-view
2 - https://oozinggoo.ning.com/video/love-bug-night-top-down

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I just bought one of these off of Steve!

Entry level lamp huh? Makes sense.


That's awesome! You are going to LOVE IT!
Thanks Kris, I really look forward to receiving it. i do love the Fantasia product.
I think you will be the only one with one over there :)
Added 2 night videos.
Kris - can you see why I raved about this model? In a dark room, as the sole source of light (like a night light) it is amazing. Jerome, you're going to love this. There was also a gold-holofoil/brass version in the 80s, and Cuda Products did a chrome/red holofoil model in the 70s.
Yes I do. The way the light flows and sweeps over the spray is just amazing. I am going to keep my eyes peeled for the gold holofoil version. Hopefully one day it will be found. I have never seen the Cuda model.

Makes me wonder how many of these things still exist out there.
i'm so looking forward to my 'new arrival'
Your going to love it! Congrats!
Kris, do we need to hold an intervention for you? I believe you're a fiber optic addict. ;O)

And wow!! I thought the Sunburst was the nicest one... but your last one was phenomenal and this one is amazing how the colors do sweep over the top in that manner rather than rotating. Love it!

Is Steve from here? I'd like to look into getting one... was it expensive?
Lol, no intervention needed right now. I dunno, maybe. I was just looking at fiber optic strands on ebay. Was thinking of making a killer retro/mod lamp.

Thank you for the comments :) - Yes, Steve is from here. I will let him know you are interested. Depends on your definition of expensive! Lol.
Thanks Kris for letting him know. Amazing that he still has them unused!
I don't think I've seen a Fantasia lamp that I didn't like yet.
I'd love to see what you come up with if you make your own.

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