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Me and a friend want to make a magnetically responsive lava lamp.

I'm looking for help mixing up a goo that's *also* a ferro liquid, like in this sketch :)

I've been looking at the goo recipes, but I can't discern if they'll hold any iron.

Your help would be greatly appreciated :)

We're thinking of open sourcing the process, and perhaps selling assembled kits in the long run.

Thank you!

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Cool idea but I have no idea how the ferro liquid would work unless your electricity was alternating through those rings . Keep posting ideas and how your doing with this please , it would be great to see it working !!

Ferro Liquid is AWESOME, I just don't know how it would hold up in the goo. I guess your best bet is to add some ferro liquid to some Magma goo and see what happens. You have a great idea. Keep us informed.

does Ferro liquid hold its own in water or dissolve ? it is oil based correct ? You might not need to add it to goo just adjust the water density .

Your drawing seems to be depicting the lava being repelled from at least some portions of the rings, but I'm not sure how you would achieve that. Ferrofluid, like a block of unmagnetized iron, will be attracted to any magnet regardless of polarity. Unlike a block of iron, it isn't possible to permanently magnetize it (which would allow it to repel at least weak magnets).

Regardless of the effect you do get, though, this is a really neat idea.

We could sequentially pull the iron laden lava into a vortex, or use bismuth instead of iron so it always repels.

As for those rings, we intend to mount separate magnets in them, spaced about an inch apart. Then power one magnet for a brief moment, and then the next. Upward motion from the lava itself, vortex motion from the magnets.

I just can't wait to give this a go! :)

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