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wheres the difference between pacifica and atlantic?

You have both? Damn, I admire your collection! btw did you manage to get the baby fluid out of your lunar bottle?

Atlantis is 4x22 and Pacifica is 5x30.  I have the remains of Dr. Whats Atlantis and I am reverse engineering the vessel and putting it back together.

Still one of my favorite pictures on this entire site.

James Reiche said:

Here is a more detailed picture of the Pacifica wave.

See how the wave is filled with so many ripples and crests.

No other model of wave machine has this type of wave action. :)

:( still hurts

James Reiche said:

No I do not have both, I wish!, maybe some day I will find the smaller one. :)

This is an image of Dr. What's old wave machine that I just missed on Ebay.

It ended up getting destroyed during shipping to Italy ->


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