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Ok so you must think I am unlucky .. extremely .. Flocks arrived .. damaged .. asked for a refund .. green flock was scratched and some of the fluid was seeping out of the lid .. orange flock dented .. 600 euros for three flocks .. we seem to have settled for a 150 euro refund ..



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I admit I am a bit pissed off mostly because he accuses me of being after his money. I don't want to take his money but I also demand he admits he was NOT precise and honest in description and packing and pays for this. If he accepts the refund it is as I payed 600 - 150 = 450 euros for 3 flocks .. so he should be satisfied ..
If there wasn't full disclosure before the sale you could always say you want all your money back and send him the merchandise back.

If the box does not show external damage, chances are the the shipping company will not reimburse you.\
Each of these imperfections looks as if they are due to age and or mishandling prior to shipping.
Although the ding in the orange, could have been a factor of internal movement.
You would have to be the judge of that to determine if there was enough packing material to keep them from touching one another.
The body of the message has changed as the seller wasn't happy I posted our discussion .. anyways what ca i do for the dent on the orange body?
Sorry Bohdan explain to me how can you tell an original vase from a fake one please .. and how do you take a flock base off? thank you ..
Ok .. do your flocks have 1 coil or 2 coils inside the wax? because my green bottle has 1 coil and both the red and purple have 2 coils .. :(
Hi Richard does your red flock bottle have 1 coil or 2 coils inside the wax? mine has 2 coils :( thanks
Hmmm... I notice that the seller was "mostdizzydevil". I have briefly investigated who this was and did not like what I found as it turned out to be the new name for someone I had bought off in the past who has no ethics whatsoever. I only got my lamp from them after months of a paypal dispute, and got ripped off in the process as I paid a lot of money for a misrepresented item - he sent me a banged up old one instead of the good condition one in the photo...

Anyway, you're lucky that they turned up, but I'm sorry (and not surprised) to see that they're damaged :( A so called "collector" who can't be bothered to pack them properly...??? Not good enough. He's probably fobbed off his rough ones for big bucks and kept the good ones for himself. At least you can fix them up and whip them into shape.

If I were you I'd open a dispute with paypal immediately - don't believe the excuses, accusations and delay tactics, he just wants to get past the 90 day limit for filing a dispute and then he's in the clear, so don't hesitate - I ended up getting a partial refund no problem.

Good luck, I hope it all works out.
Mmm .. So Astrobaby you say if they have a coil then they are not original? here is a pic of the bottles and bottle tops ..
last one
And here is a picture with a white background ..

Thank you for your reply .. Seller is known to many .. and I know how many people feel about this seller .. but please let's talk about my bottles .. I'll deal with seller in private .. so everybody who has an opinion on my bottles please tell me because I need all the help I can get :)
Bottles do not look genuine to me. The caps and cap stickers look too new. The flock I have also has the mesh mat in the bottom. Not a coil.

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