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I had all of these Florence Art lamps sanded and brass plated.  They were all rewired with new switches and sockets.

The liquid in all of these lamps was originally missing or nasty, so I replaced the liquid and glitter with my slow formula.  The bottle screw tops were also replaced.

I think the results are really amazing and beautiful!

Before pictures:


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Holy crap, absolutely amazing job!! The photos/lamps look like artwork!

You never answered my PM with regards to if you are willing to accept money orders as payments should one wish to order.

Beautiful. Probably look better than new.

Agree with Mark - so many refurb's can seem a tad glitzy, these just look right...

Btw - what happened to the black twin-socket one - dipped in creosote?

The black twin-socket one was painted black.  I had it stripped, sanded, and brass plated.  The brass plating on all of these is lacquered, so it should last with minimal care for many years.  These are now my new favorite lamps.  :>)

Fantastic colors!!  Great work as always!

Thanks, Keith.  I went through many, many dyes before finding these colors.  It's been a journey.

Always nice to see you here assisting everyone with their questions and problems.

I've got to get that done to a few of mine.

That is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Where did you get that done (the refinishing of the bases and caps)?


They are spectacular any time of the day, but at night they become almost magical.  :>)

There is a lighting shop in Austin called, "Brady's Distinctive Lighting".  They have been around for a long time, and they do amazing work.  They do all their own plating on site.  They are so busy - it took four months to get them done, but it was worth the wait.  

They not only refinished the bases and caps, but they also rewired them, installed new candelabra sockets, along with new push button switches.  Cost per lamp ranged between $100-$200.  Singles were less, doubles and triples were more.  For Florence Art, I think it's worth it.

that is awesome

They are more than spectacular even on the photos, a sparkling sensation like the crown jewels...

Where did you find all these seldom antiquarian lamps? And where are you going to install them?

Your home must be one of the most beautiful illuminated places ever.

I traded my services for some of them, and I've been lucky a few times on Ebay.  You're right - they don't come up for sale very often.

I have a house full of lava, glitter, and fiber optic lamps.  I'm going on five years since the bug first bit, and the number of lamps continue to grow.  I really need to sell a few.  It would make my other half happy.  : >)

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