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How do you remove the light bulb and cable from a mathmos Astro without breaking it

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Assuming it’s a modern Astro with the plastic ‘upstand’ type base and the bulb holder clipped in, removing it is straightforward enough but a bit ‘fiddly’ - you want to sort of press down on the bulb holder from inside the base (remove the bulb first) while simultaneously pressing the clip/tab on the underside of the base outwards

This does run the risk of snapping the plastic tab, they can be quite brittle, but them’s the breaks, so to speak.

Thanks for the info does seem a bit brittle enjoy your
I did break the first one but the second one I figured it out did not break thanks for the information
Easy way is hair dryer or hot gun but gonna be careful you only need to heat the side abit that soften the plastic I do thus now as I've done the same broken the clips If not hair dryer on med heat work but watch the cable don't get hot
I don't know

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