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I also have tons of fluidiums, I know i have at least 1 white but i'm keeping that one. but it's possible i have 1 more

let me know what you are looking for and i will fire them up. also have spare globes

they are all UK wired

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You're a US seller, right? I might want a Fluidium, depending on price.
US seller. what color? what will you be willing to pay. most are boxed
Orange, pink, green. I wouldn't want to pay more than $100, but I have a feeling that they sell for more than that. :)
you have to be more clear....green base/top clear/green combo? orange base/top purple/orange would be more expensive as would an orange base/top with clear/orange

i will sell you a green one for $100
I would want and orange base/top with clear/orange liquid/lava.

I can't really do much more than $100 and can't do anything for a few weeks.
the combo you want would be more. also have yellow with clear/yellow and green with blue/green

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