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Hello folks,

Just a heads-up call to let you know that I will have some treasures for sale - over the next few weeks.

At cost reasonable postage costs to UK & USA. Those that know me, or have bought from me, know that I only sell quality UK lamps - with genuine descriptions.

These will include:
2. SOLD Crestworth Living Jewel (RedGreenBlue) - SOLD

3. SOLD - MARLEYS GHOST Boxed Mathmos Fireflow R1s

6. Boxed Mathmos Blue Glitter Astrobaby


7. Mathmos Glitterball - boxed Blue Glitterball and Green Glitterball (a pair)


8. Mathmos Astro lamp with new Blue-Green wax yellow fluid bottle
I also have a number of good condition Mathmos Astro Base/cap & Astrobaby Base/cap combos to sell off.

PLEASE PM me for further information - or FRIEND request if you are new!

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Hi folks.
Ryan - I will get back to you by the end of the week with a new FOR SALE list.
Jeff - no smart Astro's I'm afraid.
Hi Simon, thanks for the reply back, sounds good! Ryan

Thank you, Simon!!   I received my lovely little Fireflow R1's from across ye ole pond safely!   I adore the colors of both globes and the gunmetal base is a favorite.   Folks, Simon has stellar lamps and if you're leery of buying from the UK, no worries, when he mails them, they get to you within three to four days.  Lovely lamps and honorable seller!   

Thanks for the feedback Marley :)

You're most welcome, Ryan!  My pleasure! 

Edit:  This is not the first time I've purchased lamps from Simon, I got my jets from him that are in my pics.  They're lovely!

pm'ed you about the glitterball - I don't know weather you have sold it as I have realised that this is kinda old thread

 Simon has great lamps! There are a lot of us here in the states who wouldn't have these without him. He is the best packager you will find! I wish I could buy more. Someday I probably will!!!

Ditto on what Jack said....

Hi Jack & Marley, thanks again for the feedback on Simon's lamps. Sounds like you guys have been very happy with your purchases. I look forward to adding a few Mathmos to my collection! BTW, what is the ballpark average cost for his lamps? I'm not all that familiar with Mathmos lamps, but I do know they are quite a bit pricier in general. THNX! Ryan

Hi Ryan!   With all due respect, I'm afraid it really wouldn't be appropriate to tell prices when someone is privately selling their lamps.  That would be between you and Simon, but I will tell you that he is very reasonable, a very nice man, and easy to deal with.  All lamps are priced differently depending on which you would like to buy.   One suggestion is to go to the Mathmos UK website and look at the prices of their new lamps, which would tell you what they sell for new and give you a bit of an idea.

Thanks Marley. On another note, I want to change out the liquid on one of my grandes. Any advice on the best way to remove the larger sized caps that are on the grandes?.....and also the best way to seal it back on once the project is completed? THNX!

Ryan, we need another thread for this discussion, there are many people on here who have done what you are asking who can help.  Best thing to do is start a new discussion on this subject under the Questions and Problems (something like that, LOL, thread).  We need to get off Simon's sale thread!   ;-)

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