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Looking to sell my boiler lamp, fountain type, made in France around +/- 1970. Very nice condition, cord, switch, plug, all original. It even still has the original light bulb. Strong sprinkler function. Shipping from Belgium. Let me know if you have any interest. Thanks !


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Wow, that's gorgeous! I got my first boiler/bubbler lamp last year and it's super cool.

What would you be selling it for - approx cost ??


I'm selling it for $150. Shipping will be $45.

Thanks !

Have you sold this lamp yet?

Hi Scott,

No, it is still on offer.

Hi Patrick,

If Scott doesn't want the lamp, I would like to buy it.


I didn't see your response from Tuesday until today. If you still have the lamp, I'm interested. I sent a friend request with my PayPal info. If it's already gone, no big deal. Thanks.

Hi Duane and Scott,

Thank you both for your interest.

Duane, as Scott was the first one contacting me to buy the boiler, I will be offering it to Scott.

Scott, I'll get in contact with you.

Best regards.

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