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I redid a 52 oz. LL that has black lava.  Dumped the colored liquid and now going with just clear.  Keeping the original LL black lava.   I used distilled water, a little bit of dissolved epsom salts, and started adding dishwashing soap.  The liquid is staying clear and the lava is moving, but I'm not getting the lava to break up.  I've attached a picture.  So my question is:  What effects the lava breakup, adding epsom salt or adding more soap (surfactant)?  How would I know if I added too much soap?  My goal is to get more round smaller blobs and less stretchy.  Can one add TOO much soap?  Thanks for any help.

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FINAL UPDATE:  OK, this is crazy.    I didn't even pay attention to what I did- read on this is incredible.   I ended up having sticky wax all over with the last concoction posted above.  SO I just figured I'd dump some liquid, top off with a quick mix of epsom and pour some surf in, run it, gather the wax at the bottom, cool, and dump the liquid and start over.   I left to see a hockey game, came home and BAM! the lamp was flowing absolutely perfect!   I think what I did was added just a little epsom and dishwash liquid to an otherwise plain all-distilled water.  I'm getting some stretchys, little balls of lava, bigger balls, and ovals, great up and down action.  Constant movement.  I'm blown away by how well it's flowing.  Just an accidental by-chance "adjustment" and it works great.  Unexpected, but happy!

So I've learned to really go easy on the epsom salts.    I'm ready to refurbish my LL 52 oz. cloudy blue/red so that I can get clear liquid and I will just add blue food coloring to color the liquid. 

Thanks to all who helped with your inputs on this one, my fellow goo-friends!


Good news, Vince!  Gonna post some pics for us?  (hint,hint...)  lol

Picture attached of the refurbished orange/black lamp.  We did a Nightmare Before Christmas theme.  These blobs are small, and the flow is constant up and down.  Really great action! 

The second photo shows the clear/blue goo kit I did.  Bigger, slower blobs with good flow.  Needs a dimmer just to lower the heat just a tiny bit. 

Third photo shows my blue/red lamp that I redid the liquid.  I'm getting little blobs about the size of walnuts and they constantly move up and down. The action is fabulous.  The liquid is crystal clear blue color.  My fav lamp right now. 

Working on another 52 oz. now.  Red lava.  Not sure what to re-color the liquid...?  Hmmmm...



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