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Gonna list them tomorrow as 5 globes with each auction. Here is what I'm gonna be selling as far as 32oz globes go. I really want to start to get rid of them as I have no use for them anymore and wouldn't mind the extra cash. All 32oz globes. CRYSTAL CLEAR. All have pretty good flow. Most I received brand new and only used for a short time. Gonna see how this goes then hopefully I'm gonna list more and if your looking for something let me know. I kinda want to get rid of everything.

Yellow/Lime #29
Clear/Lime #19
Blue/Red #27
Blue/White #03
Green/White #28

Clear/Blue #13
Clear/Blue #13
Yellow/Red #02
Clear/Green #12
Purple/Red #21

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See I don't get that, I set the shipping calculator to 9 or 10+ lbs and put in the dimensions of the package which is 12x12x14 in. I didn't see the custom weight. I'll try and fix it, its just that I don't want people to be like 'Oh he's charging so much just so he can keep it" I never have done that and hate when sellers do that. Oh and yes that's a real yellow lime.
The one blue globe looks black because in the picture it was warm, I just had it running. Both are in fact BLUE CLEAR globes. I have a teal lamp I'm gonna be putting up though.
Will you ship internationl?
Na, that would be outrageous.
Looks like people want that first lot. Lots of good color combos there.
And they all flow great too, wish I could of gotten a pic of them flowing, probably would attract more buyers that way but I couldn't do that.
Will you be selling any clear combos with the midnight bases?
Wow I'm definitely listing more globes. LOL didn't expect to get that.
Ok, man I understand why the first set went for over $150- you never see Green / White, Yellow / Lime or Blue / Red on ebay, and then there is the Clear / Lime which is also somewhat valued on ebay, but the second set going for nearly $190, now that I don't get, it contained all common globes- WTF.

You are soon to be rich with people willing to pay that kind of money for these lots you are putting together. I am so perplexed by the second set you sold, I feel like I am dreaming, I mean Holy Crap......

Will you be listing more? I can see why you would be motivated to do so, and I must further point out, that the price reached that high because there had to be at least one other person that bid just a little less and lost to the winning bidder, you should try to pull together the same lot combo and offer it to the second place bidder if you have them. Someone out there is still desperate and why not get that cash?
Exactly, I really expected to get like at least $70 for both. But I think what happened is the winner bid the last couple of seconds and really wanted it and just entered a high amount to get it. If someone really wants it they can get it. But lately on eBay common lamps are going for so high. And yes I do plan to list a lot more in May. Some more globes and lamps.

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