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Hello! im back havent been on this site in a while and iv decided to sell my Geyser Lamp I never use it and I know there are people that would enjoy it more than I do. I tried selling locally a few years ago but hard finding a collector near me. I may post it on Mercari but shipping it is an concern to me because of how fragile these lamps are. I thought I try to sell it here first tho. I also may have some other rare / strange lamps for sale soon as im selling all of my collection and just keeping my Icon series lamps. If anyone is interested let me know. also packing tips are welcome I really don't want anything to break

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 I would love to add this lamp to my collection, but Im in Fla and I agree, shipping is not a great idea with these geysers! :( :( :( PM me if you're ever anywhere close to Fla ;) 

I ship lava and glitter lamps on eBay all the time

I'm sure the buyer would be willing to accept a small surcharge in order to guarantee you pack it properly

DO NOT trust a UPS store to pack it properly unless your watching them do it

Buy a roll or large 1/2" bubble -bubble wrap and wrap all individual parts then put it in a heavy carton with packing peanuts or packing carton paper (like amazon uses) in order to secure it,

Make sure the box is big enough so there is enough room around the item so it's protected in case the box experiences a drop.

Extra precautions can be taken by double boxing the individual parts

Pay for insurance on it

Thank you for the tips. Also do you or anyone know what a Magma Lite would sell for? I may sell mine if its worth anything. I looked on ebay for an average price but there's none for sale as of right now. 

Be aware that the problem with shipping these isn't the packing. The problem is the inner spiral and upper section wiggling and breaking off. I think that, if kept upright (do they really pay attention to THIS END UP? I hope so) the liquid cannot flow into the more fragile upper part, which gives it more weight and makes breakage easier.

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