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What would a geyser lamp sell for or trade for?

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You never mentioned color which is a factor in evaluating your lamp and or condition.  Had you uploaded a photo you may have gotten a response sooner.  That being said a GEYSER lamp in good condition should fetch you 60 - 80.00  plus shipping.  I believe the last one that came up for auction sold for 69.00 last year.  Made in CHINA. Original purchase price Spencers Gifts - 14.99 - 19.99 depending on store location. If the oil in your geyser is RED/clear expect to fetch higher end amount.  Red/Clear was the most desired color.  My friend used to manage a Spencers for years and is sitting next to me at this moment and remembers this lamp big time. Crazy coincidence. She said each store only had a limited few and the RED Oil/ Clear Liquid SOLD OUT Pronto followed by Blue.  Some came with  glitter in the liquid. 

Ok thankyou for the info I will upload a picture of it.

Some people were afraid to ship them. They are very fragile. I have one with blue liquid and love it. I found someone who was willing to ship it with extreme care taken to protect it from getting bumped in transit.

Currently, lava (and related) lamp prices are down. I'd say the same as The Lamp Caretaker - maybe around $80.

Thankyou for the information. Also glad you were able to get one without it breaking thats the one thing I knew about this lamp.

They are super cool and hard to come by. You should have no trouble selling it. It would be better to sell locally, but you won't find the same interest/market locally.

I plan on keeping it for a while I was going to sell it/trade it but after using it for the first time in years I really do like it more than I did. 

Good call! ;)

Hi Kaden, 

Still interested in selling this?

Sorry havent been on this site in a few years yes I am 

LavaLightLinda said:

Hi Kaden, 

Still interested in selling this?

Ok - now that you've provided photos of this RARE lamp I can safely say it's worth easily between 100-125 plus shipping no more than 25.00 insurance included. The color of your lamp is not as common as other colors that were available and base is in exceptional condition.  Your lamp looks NEW.   When mailing item box in extra large box so you have at least 4'' of space around the globe when resting in the box. Use bubble wrap around the glass globe as in three or four layers then pack newspaper crunched up as much as you can around the globe and base to fill remaining gaps.  Get insurance on it when you mail since it's included in shipping cost this way if it arrives broken you're insured and they do honor insurance claims easily.  Fed-EX is the best when sending item likes this in the mail.  All mine arrived fine every time in fact one was placed in it's original box with no other packing and it arrived just fine.  I would be more concerned mailing a lava lamp than I would this lamp.  

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