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i know it's common for lamps to get a little bit of goo at the top that won't drop back down, but mine is forming this huge bubble, with a blob of goo hanging down at the bottom. like, taking up the top half of the
bottle huge. just now, the bubble was stretching down to release the
blob and almost touched the wax at the bottom. so, is the lamp
overheating, or too hot in the room or something? i haven't put a
frosted bulb in it yet.

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some goo squeezed past the bubble and got trapped at the top, then the bubble was filling nearly the whole globe, and was touching the goo at the bottom. i turned it off to cool down, and after about 5 minutes, the bubble popped rather spectacularly.. the rest of the goo all settled down into the bottom.

For whatever it's worth here it goes. Same problem as mine, and was purchased at Walmart where I worked for some 11 years. Takes a while to get going, ummm, about 1/2 hour, dome at bottom then some in the form of a huge glob and 1 or so hours it ends the similar to yours. I've been experiementing with it by the method of changing light wattage room temperature, cool air from fan oh about 2feet to 10feet, air condition with temperature variation from 110 deg. f. to 66 deg. f., cap on cap off, totally wrap with terry cloth bathroom towels, partially wrap top,one side only. Purchased a replacement lamp of 25 watts and15 watt one at walmart in the eletrical dept. both are designed for the purpose of sewing machine replacement. the original was I believe 35 watts in the shape of 2 1/2 inch ball. The ones I purchased for replacement are oblong, similar height to original. Of course lower wattage will make the lamp behave differently to the original and that exactly what I wanted. Bubbles in wax, no bubbles opaque wax translucent wax nice flow, no flow, horrible flow. The whole gamit of diffrerent ways with all kinds of  and there was a sweet spot with 25 watt lamp. Gorgeous flow, mezzmerizing interaction with long stringers to balls, recombining at points in the lamps. To the point, I need to baby this lamp so much it's ludicrous, and I doubt the sweet spot would, it was amazing. Ran the air conditioner at 72 deg. f. for about 12 hours and the lamp ran like it would keep on going like that forever. I'm only interested in lamps that can run 24/7. Too demanding well I bought a red lava/ clear H2O in 1985-86 and I must have the luckiest guy on the planet, because it ran months on end 24 hrs a day nicely. I've been at this lamp experimentation for about a year running it anywhere from 1/2 hr-48 hrs under different scenarios at a time and watched carefully while gleaning info from this site to compare notes. The goo seems to be a make up of microparticle wax with je ne se quois, maybe perc. doubt it, it's from Walmart after all. I'm almost done empirical experimentation without tampering the inside yet. Soon it will the inside guts,I'll relay my findings a.s.a.p. What bugs me the most is the limited features all lamp makers incorporate in their product ex. why not introduce a form of temperature control built into the dimmers, why not a mode control, say position 1stringers, position 2 micro bubbles, position 3 stringers with micro bubbles, so on and so on. A form of self regulating switch to maintaining lamp flow no matter the ambient temperature. If the lamp is on position 1 say and the room temp. changes, this switch would help compensate to keep the flow unaltered for starters. Thanx a bunch for sharing similar situation, extremely helpful.

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