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Hi all I am looking to make a home made glitter lamp. I was hoping someone had a recipe they have used successfully they are willing to share?


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Damn right!  We are all lookin for that perfect recipe.  If you hear anything Steve-o lets us know!

I have a fue idea's myself and i am thinking about using 2 types of different strength pure alcohol and mixing these together so it flows and also trying to see what happens if i just use straight white spirit.

I am thinking about using these as the early glitter were solvent based so using different types of solvent should get it to work.

From what I have seen a lot of the solvents have been taken off market (at least in larger countries). I saw on a post on here before that with glitter the magic happens from convection not a chemical reaction/movement like lava.

It took MANY attempts, but I finally had luck using the liquid out of a LavaLite (china made), along with a super-saturated solution of water and epsom salts. Using LL fluid was an idea I found here, and it sure worked. The kind of glitter used makes a difference. The glitter I used was what originally came in the lamp, and it is mylar. I tried using just regular craft-type glitter and never had any luck. Was literally about to throw my lamp in the trash before my final try-probably out of 50 tries-finally worked. Hope you have better luck!

Grats man.  I know it can be hair pulling time, time and time again.  After a few attempts you are ready to throw it out..! Heh.  I wonder where you can get that type of glitter off the shelf, instead of having to salvage or scavenge from some other lamp.  Aside from the master fluid the next key factor was the glitter.  Grats again bro..now bring on the Pics!

Thanks! Will dew pics or vids asap...technorebel that I am...

Don't know where you could find glitter like that...it is very light weight mylar-squares about 2cm...err, square lol

I tried this myself using mineral oil and regular craft glitter and it didn't work. Maybe I'm using the wrong glitter? anyone try using mineral oil and lava glitter?

Has anyone tried this recipe I found online? http://serc.carleton.edu/sp/library/guided_discovery/examples/densi... also I just bought a new in box glitter that seems to be crystallized... strange!!
Ooooohmy--- search this site using the term "crestworth patent"

There's more than enough right there to keep any intrepid lamp concoctor busy all day at least..
Kept me busy long enough to realize I may be all wrong about the glitter being mylar. Now all I know is, I have no idea WHAT it is.

But I believe I understood this, from reading the crestworth patent-the glitter and the liquid have to be about the same uhmmmm...errrr...I think it was specific gravity.
WooHoo-yep, specific gravity.

Heh heh heh...and THAT concludes my ability to further scientifically assist this discussion, cuz basically it is now over my head. Maybe some of those really smart members who posted about all this are still here...

Good luck! Sorry for my possible red herring post about mylar...

ok-finally got a pic

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