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   Anyone have a lamp where the goo not only flips the coil but swallows it too?  Twice this week one of my 32s flipped and the coil ended up sandwiched in the middle of the wax where I couldn't even see it.  It did resolve the issue with an extra 30 minutes of warm up,  I just found it weird to watch.  Is this a common thing?

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I have never heard of this! Then again, I don't often watch my lamps when they are warming up until they're past the spiking stage. Maybe it's the room temperature being too cold or hot? A time lapse capturing this would be cool.

It happens occasionally with my china globes.  Like you said it takes about 30 minutes extra heating to resolve.  That being said I have bought vintage USA globes with the wax completely upside down that resolved in the same way.  It's just frustrating when you WANT the flow!

    I freaked the first time I saw it cause I had just refurbished the lamp and used 2 kinds of wax and figured I was going to have to start over cause I had terminally messed it up.   It is holding it's own now and maybe it will get over it's excentricities.


  I barely know how to take a picture with my phone, forget time lapse.  Maybe I can catch a little video of the actual flip, if it continues to happen. . . .

Lol. It's okay. Even just a few seconds of normal video is fine.

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