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Does anyone know why my wax isn't flowing from the middle of my globe? it flows from the sides instead, blobs look great just not flowing from the center.

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Check the coil. What kind of bulb are you using?

32 oz the coil is sitting flat on the bottom

Michael, in case no one has told you this, no two lamps run the same.  They each have their own personalities.  Just because one does something doesn't mean they will all do the same thing.  This is just a variation of this particular lamp.  If it flows and columns great, I would appreciate it for what it is trying to be..MHO.  Have fun!

Thanks for the feedback. This is not the lamps normal behavior this happened when I changed out the water, which I guess changed its personality, I was just wondering if I'd done something wrong

Michael could you by any chance maybe record a video showing it ?

I just made one lava lamp from scratch yesterday (liquid and goo).
It worked great yesterday as I made the final adjustments and took pictures.
Before it completely cool down after I turned it off, I moved it out of the kitchen and turned it back on (the goo was already partially solid). The goo then remelted and stuck to the glass, flowing up and down like that (picture goo on top and on the bottom, with a "river" of goo going through the sides instead of blobs floating up and down).
Today I overheated the goo (boiled the unsealed lamp) and it all floated to the surface. I am hoping it will work properly again once I turn it back on tomorrow.
I'll be back here if it doesn't work. I hate the idea of starting from scratch again.

Update problem has gotten worse, so i replaced the coil and lava is still flowing from sides of glass also im using distilled water and epsom salt, after this last clean i forgot to add any type of soap but even with soap in there it still sticks any suggestions?

When I was selling lamps I noticed this to be a common issue 52oz rainbow lamps. The wax litterally flowed up the glass. The wax made contact with the inner glass and flowed up and down. Considering that the liquid is being swapped and adjustments are being I can't put in the defect category. The wax may just be doing this on its own. But its probably not an enjoyable thing to watch.

Now that the lava has cooled after first test run the wax is sticking to the sides at the bottom where wax settled does the globe need to be lubed with oil or something lol?

Maybe a new lamp if you're not happy. I would have thrown in the towel a long time ago.

Yeap... I threw the towel (and my lava lamp project) last month. Easier and cheaper to buy a new one.

Not quite sure why lamps do what they do. I can say that I did find a globe and I'm guessing it was a manufacturer issue. The rainbow globe that I found had a very thin piece of wax that had apparently dried to the side of the globe. So apparently when you turned it on it triggerd the wax to flow on the side of the glass. When you turned it off.......the collection of wax on the side of the globe gets much bigger. One of the most pathetic things I've ever seen a lamp do.

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