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I've noticed over the past couple months since I made my favorite goo kit grande Purple/White, that the color of the water is slowly fading.  It's in the basement, no sunlight or anything, and I think it's just the light bulb dulling the water color.  I can get into it easy enough to redo the color.  Just a pain.  Anyone find any good color to use that isn't fading?



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What did you use to color the water?

I thought the GooKit only sells color for the lava! :\

I have read (true or false, I dont know) that you dont want to use food coloring.

Though I have not heard an explaination why!

Any chance of the food coloring causing stains or rings on the inside of the globe?

I'll try something like you suggested Jim.  Thanks.  I use just regular old baking food coloring.  They say you're not supposed to dye the water, but for the 10 drops of color or so, there is not even a slight bit of clouding.  Just the dye is getting bleached fromt he buldb I think.  No staining or anything likt that.

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