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Good morning fellow lava lovers, I have about four boxes of Goo Kit supplies. Tubes, funnels, brushes, etc. I also have a number of quarts of Goo base, some partial, some seemingly full, but all have been in storage for several years. Not knowing the shelf life of MagmaTower Goo, I can't say whether its still good or not.

Please reply to this thread or shoot me a message. If there is interest, I'll take a full accounting of what's there and we can discuss how to make it yours.

Please note that I do not have a filter for sale; that was recently sold.


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To complement the Goo Kit supplies, I also have a large quantity of empty vessels that would be most appropriate to be bundled with the supplies. Numerous empty Grandes. empty screw cap 52 ounce globes, empty China globes, etc. to support your crafting ambitions. 

Cool! I have sent a PM, thanks!

Pics of the supplies follow.

Brushes, scrubbers and assorted globe cleaning supplies.

Funnels and other fluid filling tools.


Goo base, surf, dye. Big grouping of Goo base quarts are all full. Baggie of five dyes are all blue flouro.

The dyes are gone, a few brushes are gone, a few funnels are gone, a tube is gone and about five or six quarts of Goo base are gone. Still plenty available for you budding lamp builders.

Hi Jim!  Just wondering how much you'd be asking for a full bottle of goo and a big thing of surf.  You can pm me.  Thanks!

Thanks Jess and Sparky - I will be in touch shortly with pricing details.


My pleasure Jess! :-)

Jess KCR said:


It could be dangerous, I just have to warn you. lol Check out my "Attention Chicago Area Goo Heads" thread. We (me and BlackGermanShepherd from this site), had our inaugural vintage lighting sale Memorial Day weekend. Outside of the Goo Kit goodies, we have a dizzying array of lamps we're selling as well.

CynicalSpark said:

Hey Jim I also noticed you live in Chicago area I’m in northwest Indiana so perhaps I could pick up stuff I need? Just throwing it out there haha. 

Hi Jim,

Just sent you a PM. Looking for goo and Surf for a grande here in Melbourne Australia. Wondering if you still had any available??



hey! just curious if you have any of the goo and surf bottles left? id like to buy a few of them if possible. let me know or email me at lethaldosagevideos@hotmail.com

much thanks in advance

Jess, Brett and Jarrad - I will be in touch. Galaxy, I just sent you a PM. Sorry for the lag... personality flaw on my behalf.

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