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Here is my boy Floyd who i rescued after my other cat passed away. Hes a mix of a GQ model and Baby Huey, just a big dumb animal lol.

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hey great pics! i'm especially loving Chunk. he's awesome. Jazzy is cool, cats just have that natural coolness dont they? i'm not a dog person either but i would grow to love one if it lived with me!


LOL@poor Zumie.  Got a similar one, but its my cat that's dressed up.  I will add my four legged buddies once I get on my home PC.
Yes that's right, male on the left female on the right. Barns 11 and noodle is 13 or 14 now.

Bohdan said:
How old and they look like Male on the left and female on right?

Susan said:
Our two oldies

yeah Chunk is my main homie but his days are coming I know it :(


@ Bohdan chunk is a good size from head to tail about 2 ft.


awww love the pics guys

Some of our children.  Short-haired tortoiseshell and short haired black and white cats not pictured.  They're a bit on the anti-social side so get excluded to save some bandwidth.


Jackson - a slightly handsome male lab.  More the short, stocky barrel-chested type than the tall-legged, gazelle type.



Hana - my golden girl.  Named after my own personal paradise - Hana, Maui.  Getting there is one the funnest times you will have behind the wheel of a car.



Thumper with Jackson.  More pics of this gorgeous Maine Coon in the recipe thread I started.  This pic chosen for Rici to illustrate size (look at them paws).  Probably the most dog-like breed of cat you could get.  On the flip-side, he absolutely kicks the crap out of Hana.  Picture kangaroo kick upper cuts to the chin.



Halloween aka Weenie - the cat that most likely landed me my wife.  A also call him "the battery" as he has very pronounced nipples.  He refused the wear the body of the pumpkin.  He is still pissed to this day about the helmet.


Mateo, our 7-year-old cockatiel (our fave):

We have birds because I am insanely allergic to dogs and cats (which sucks as I'm an animal lover).


Bird conference:

Such a great thread. Really enjoyable, thank for sharing everyone!!!
I love seeing everyone's pets. :) For someone like me, who doesn't have (or want) children, these are our world.

WeeboTech said:
Such a great thread. Really enjoyable, thank for sharing everyone!!!
What an amazing pack of puppies!

Here are my Furbabies, as we called them on www.mycathatesyou.com

This is Strider, my very attentive baby. He talks to me non stop, answers questions & headbutts me ever chance he gets. He hates change, even moving furniture.

Here's a stray my Mom took in, I named her after Miss Kitty, from Bonanza. She showed up pregnant, though only 2 kittens lived. She's definitely a cat CAT, mean to most of us, yet at times sweet as can be. Just cause she looks happy here, doesn't mean she is!

This is Rhiannon, Ree for short. Was covered in massive hair matting & recently shaved. She's the first of Miss Kitty's kittens to be born & super lovable, talkative & LAZY.This is Buddy Baby. Crappy name, we know, but that was all anyone ever called him. As you can see, he's not very bright, but he's sooo funny, loves on anyone & talks so much that it's hard not to like him. He was the last kitten born from Miss Kitty.

And here is the latest addition to the household, Marius. He was a stray, in a building being rehabilitated across the street. He doesn't talk much, but he purrs & drools when he's being petted. Very affectionate, hyperactive & good at blocking the TV/Comp  when you're concentrating (As shown here!).



hey gang!  This is Molly-Jo and Luna.  Mo is the carmel colored and Luna is the double-dapple.  Both are dachshunds.  Both are my sweet babies!!



And how.
+10 !!

Maybe it will be candidate for best thread of the year!

Bohdan said:
This has turned into a Wonderful Forum. I love it.

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